Drugs-order.com Review – Rogue Pakistani Pharmacy Preying US Customers

Home Design of Drugs-order.com
Home Design of Drugs-order.com

I found that drugs-order.com is a very well put together website that makes you feel like you are in a professional environment. Drugs-order.com is an FDA approved organization that claims to act abiding the laws of FDA. The pharmacy is claiming its location as the US, but in reality, it is operated from Pakistan. It is only then, I noticed that surprisingly, drugs-order.com instantly redirected me to drugs-order.net and both are the same site.

However, there were no signs of the requirement of prescription, which can indicate the fact that it does not adhere to all of the laws of FDA. It deals with many types of drugs relating to different diseases like Anxiety, Depression Steroids, Weight loss and Erectile dysfunction, but its main assortment is selling steroidal drugs online. The prices are sky high than its competitors, as the 25mg of Viagra stands at $2.50.

The company accepts Visa, Master and Western union methods. E-check facility is also available, and those who have ordered more than $400 can transfer their money by the wire transaction method. If someone has any problem regarding the drugs or if they have any inquiry, they can easily use the help line method by calling their customer support number, (786) 401-2808 which is not toll-free. The facility of Live chat is not available, and those who are not willing to pay for the phone calls can use their traditional emailing method that can take up to infinite time for a single reply.

The delivery system is not well defined. They send their deliveries to all over the world and charge a total of $30, even if you are ordering delivery to a nearby neighborhood. Your package will reach you in 10-14 business days, and there is no conveyance of overnight delivery. They ship their packages via FedEx/DHL/UPS, but the most commonly used option is the USPS service. Unfortunately, If you are unsatisfied with your drugs, or that they have come to your damages, there is no option of a refund. They are all yours.

Drugs-order.com Reviews:

A serious critic should not take the users reviews lightly and should focus more on the customer satisfaction than the facilities website is providing. Let’s see how well has the site acted in satisfying its customers. Since drugs-order.com instantly redirects to drugs-order.net, the transaction will be handled by drugs-order.net and we have to confirm its reputation.

Drugs-order.net Reviews on Sitejabber
Drugs-order.com Reviews on Sitejabber

Drugs-order.com has been investigated by the Legit Script; an NABP recognized organization that vets online pharmacies and has been given “rogue” status. This shows that the website is not as professional as seems to be.

A furious customer posted his review on 10/19/15 and said, “This is a scam website. They got the money order and then completely stopped responding to emails. Their phone number doesn’t work. Don’t fall for this scam like I did”. Matthew J a very satisfied customer on 11/20/14 reviewed. “I got my order today in which good and hot meds I find… I got my order today in which good and hot meds I find it legit pharmacy on the internet.”

As the user reviews are mixed so, we must go on the sites like LegitScript or Scam Adviser which can give us more details about this provider.

Drugs-order Reviews 2016:

The website had been very faulty in the previous years, let’s see how well it performed in the year 2016.  Drugs-order.com is only a redirect affiliate of drugs-order.net.

Scamadvisor Marks Drugs-order 0% Safe
Scamadvisor Marks Drugs-order 0% Safe


Scamanalyze Report for Drug Order
Scamanalyze Report for Drugs Order

I was unable to find any good reviews for the website in the year 2016 which shows that the website has been unable to restore its reputation. The scamadvisor.com has mentioned it as a rogue pharmacy as this website seems to be running from the USA, but its actual servers are located in Pakistan. This shows that there is no credibility of the sellers whether they are in Pakistan or the USA. Many of the rogue pharmacies were keen enough to put some good reviews on their website, but drugs-order.com is ignoring this trick.

Drugs Order Coupon Codes:

As expected, there are no coupon codes available for the customers. The website has not only failed to attract many users by having a reliable reputation, but it has also failed to give them any good discount coupons that could attract the customer pool.

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