Drugs-order.net Review – Won’t Risk My Money Buying From This Site

Drugs-order.net Home Page
Drugs-order.net Home Page

Honestly, I am a bit concerned by this site’s authenticity, judging from the layout and graphics. Well, that’s just my first impression. Let’s see what drugs-order.net has to offer as we go along in this review, as it is too early on to judge whether this site is as bogus as I think it is.

First of all, there is no indication where this site is based, even on its “About Us” page, just some trying-hard, broken English mumblings regarding their site’s content. The prices are in US dollars, but that is not enough to conclude where this site is actually located. The site is less than a year old (I actually figured it out through Scam Adviser), but it is not specified in the site.

According to the info, drugs-order.net is mainly a steroid store where, “you can purchase shabby anabolic steroids”, and that as they quote, “Our organization offers just real items and focused costs with extraordinary conveyance rates everywhere throughout the world and we will handle and methodology your request inside 24 hours”. And as I read on, there are more vague statements on the info page which are not of great help and relevance.

The site mainly sells steroids and the usual favorites for illegal purchases. There are painkillers, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety/anti-depression meds, weight loss pills, and ED medication too. There is no suggestion that the meds they sell are actually approved by the FDA or any governing body regarding food and drug approval; but unlike other sites, this site does not admit to sell experimental and clinically-untried drugs from questionable sources. This site just labels them “generics”. Luckily for me, as I have had a lot of experience with shifty sites, I know where these drugs really came from.

For my main concern, ED drugs, they have a few in their lineup. They have the famous Viagra, Cialis, Soft Cialis, Levitra and Levitra Soft, and Malegra. Not much though. It is almost tempting to buy from the site because of the price of these ED meds. Viagra 100 mg, for example, is set at only $2.50 per piece, and Cialis 20 mg is priced at a meager $5 apiece. But there is this “minimum” order required for every purchase. The set minimum is 30 tablets per order. As I’ve mentioned, just “almost tempted”, but not foolish enough to take this suspicious offer. The prices might be low but then there’s this order quota for consumers to follow, which I personally find unnecessary. I have never encountered purchasing from a physical pharmacy and be told that they are only allowing purchases for pills by 30s per order. That is just a downright questionable policy to me.

The site accepts payments from credit and debit cards (as usual), and also bitcoins and Money Gram. According to the delivery/shipping information page, the site ships orders every day, from Mondays through Fridays via United Stated Postal Service. The site’s flat rate shipping is $30, which I think is unnecessarily expensive. I could be buying a shirt with that money, and just opt for buying my ED meds in a physical pharmacy near me. Transit time is 10-20 days, as there is no overnight or 1-day delivery. It is quite dubious that US orders are also taking that much time to deliver. This means that this site is probably outsourcing to some country from a farther continent, or that maybe it is really not based from US.

There is this contact number from the site, (786) 401-2808 which I have not personally tried to reach. But, I sent the admin an email though, to see how fast the response would be. I was surprised that I got a reply after 5 minutes. I asked if they are shipping to a certain country. I got a response that yes, they are, and that the cost will be $40, but the parcel will be received in just 48 hours.

I had trouble understanding the return policy of this store due to the terrible English whoever wrote the policy used. But what I made out of the words was that they currently do not offer returns or refunds on orders from the UK. I just don’t know about the other countries, because it isn’t specified either. But what they do have is this “shipping guarantee”, that if the clients are unable to receive the orders after 25 days, the company will “investigate and track the shipment”, and if approved, the company will offer either reshipment or full refund.

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Well, this crafty site also had reviews indicated on their products. For example, there is this user Lee Barrit praising the good quality and fast shipping by drugs-order.net. Also, there is this review by Crystly Mues with a graphic and borderline gross description of his personal experience with the product. Almost believable, BUT, these are just in-site reviews, therefore they are considered as untrustworthy references. Also, there are also the same reviews found in other websites, indicating that these are indeed fabrications to manipulate consumers into buying from this rip-off site.

It is so easy nowadays to fake reviews for products and sites. I think I can post a product review in one of drugs-order.net’s products without even buying from them. But it is funny, however, that whoever made this site did not even think of making their own original fake review, and just lamely copied an existing review somewhere. Seriously?

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Drugs-order.net Scam Analysis
Drugs-order.net Scam Analysis

To further check the reputation of the site, I tried searching it in Scam Advisor and Scamanalyze. Scam Analyze rated the site “safe” for browsing, but evaluated that it is not HTTP secure. Sure, it may be safe for just browsing, but transacting with this site is definitely a no-no, especially that this site is given a 0% rating by Scam Adviser.

According to the analysis by Scam Adviser, the site’s origin is United States, but it is most likely from Pakistan. That explains the almost incomprehensible details all over the site.

Drugs Order Coupon Codes:

There are currently no coupon codes offered in the site. But even if the site offers discounts and promos, I won’t even think of purchasing from this site and waste my money on its experimental products.

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