Drugs-store.com Review – Intriguing Grocery/Drug Store which Closed without Warning

Drugs-store.com Main Page
Drugs-store.com Main Page

Drugs-store.com is one of the online pharmacies with vague names, which makes them hard to evaluate, since searching the store using its name as the keyword yields mostly unrelated and irrelevant results. Today, Drugs Store is now closed and its domain unreachable. I thought the shop being inaccessible is just a mistake on my browser’s end, but its unreachable status is confirmed as I used a proxy site and the shop’s still unreachable.

There is no clear reason why Drugs-store.com closed, but since I was not greeted by a government message stating that the shop is a seized store, I can take comfort in the fact that the shop was not considered as an illicit site, at least because of its lack of the government seizure notice. Drugs Store may have gone out of business or may have failed to maintain its domain registry. Despite the closed status of Drugs-store.com, though, I was able to muster data for the store using retrieved information from archive websites. Drugs Store had its records on the Internet Wayback Machine as early as 2001 and the shop’s data were available until 2005.

Drugs Store existed as an online pharmacy and also sold cosmetic products besides prescriptions. The store had several tabs such as “pharmacy”, “medicine cabinet”, “beauty and spa”, “nutrition and wellness”, “personal care”, “household”, and “sexual well-being”. The store seemed an interesting site because unlike other stores, the shop offered personal care products and other consumer goods besides the OTC and prescription products. Unlike the other online pharmacies, though, the shop did not offer its products by medical category or by name, at least for its medicines. Since the store’s now closed, I was also unable to search for the famous products on Drugs Store and was also unable to check the prices of at least male impotence products such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. The store, though indicated its “coming soon” generic products, and at the time, its soon-to-be-stocked generic items included Prilosec (omeprazole), Wellbutrin SR (bupropion SR), Paxil (paroxetine), Fosamax (alendronate), and Ortho Try-Cyclen (Tri-Sprintec).

Drugs-store.com charged various shipping rates. Here are the shipping rates offered by Drugs-store.com:

  • Standard Shipping: $5.49 (5 to 9 days)
  • 3-day Shipping: $8.95 (3 days)
  • 2-day Shipping: $14.95 (2 days)
  • Overnight Shipping: $29.95 (1 day)

Drugs Store only catered to consumers residing in the United States’ 50 states and did not entertain international orders. The store, though, did not state which payment methods it accepted from the buyers.

As for returns, the store allowed the return of non-prescription products in 30 days after the buyers received the orders. The store accepted returns for the wrong items ordered, makeup color not as expected, receipt of items not ordered, item did not arrive in time and other reasons. Return of prescription products, though, were allowed if the products were damaged during shipping.

Drugs-store.com Reviews

I tried searching for Drugs Store reviews on the web, but the store did not have any reviews on the internet. Drugs Store failed to have mentions from its former clients from review websites and from forum sites which are usually where the consumers post their appreciations or complaints about online drugstores.

It is odd that the shop did not have available reviews despite its online tenure—the store may have rendered poor service to its consumers or may have marketed its products and service poorly as well.

Drugs-store.com Reviews 2016

Because reviews and mentions for Drugs Store were unavailable, I employed the assistance of a trusted online platform such as Scam Adviser to assess the domain health and present status of Drugs-store.com:

Drugs-store.com Trust Rating
Drugs-store.com Trust Rating

Drugs Store is identified to have an age of 18 years and was given a high trust rating of 90% out of 100. The shop is now owned by Walgreens and is located in the United States. However, the result from Scam Adviser also reflected that the store is now offline and non-functional.

More details for Drugs-store.com indicated that the store was created in 1999 and will only expire in August 2017. Unfortunately, the data from Scam Adviser did not reflect why the store closed. It is odd, though, that the domain shut down prematurely and before its designated domain expiry.

Drugs-store.com Coupon Codes

When Drugs Store was still functional, the shop was able to offer 10% off the purchases of non-prescription products to new consumers. New clients were directed to a discount landing page for them to avail of 10% off their orders.

Drugs-store.com Discount Offer
Drugs-store.com Discount Offer

New customers were also entitled to a free Burt’s Bees Kit when they ordered at least $15 from the online drugstore:

Drugs-store.com Freebies
Drugs-store.com Freebies

Free shipping was also offered by the store for consumers with orders more than $49. The shop appeared to favor the new clients more, though, as the store does not have deals for returning consumers.

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