DrugsBazar.org Review – Pharmacy Blocking Clients after Getting Payments

Front Page of DrugsBazar.org
Front Page of DrugsBazar.org

Drugsbazar.org is another case of an online site without any company information. I always find that characteristic suspicious; any real business online typically has a bit of history or an overview. This store had none; so I do not know where this site is based, or the year it started to operate. But deducing from the currencies offered by the site, it seems to supply meds commonly to UK, EU countries and the US. Sites usually have an “About Us” section where the need-to-know bits are found. I find it odd that DrugsBazar.org had none; just the products and incomplete information regarding the order process.

There are not many products sold on site. There were only a few categories, as opposed to the common long, long list of drug types found in a typical online pharmacy. Basing on the product density, this site mainly vends anabolic steroids. And mind you, DrugsBazar.org is selling these drugs without a prescription. Anabolic steroids are illegal to purchase without the proper prescription; not to mention that it is potentially dangerous to consume them without a physician’s advice.

As for the meds, the site ships them from Netherlands, United Kingdom and USA (I guess it’s mostly Netherlands); and also according to the info, the meds are all approved by the US FDA. I highly doubt that, though, because meds usually approved by the FDA for dispensing require clients to provide the corresponding prescriptions; provided that they were obtained legally, at least. Another reason why I find this claim erroneous is that the meds this site sells are mostly generics and are cheap. US FDA products usually are patented and expensive, because getting approved by the US FDA is rather expensive too.

There are only three types of ED medication being sold here in the site: Viagra by Pfizer, Penagra, and Cialis. The pricing is way off the market price of these meds; this “Viagra” costs only a mere $1-1.40, depending on the purchase quantity. Penagra, another brand of Sildenafil Citrate, costs $1-2.50; while the site’s “Cialis” costs $.75-3.75. The prices are unbelievable! Viagra should at least cost $25 or more, and Cialis at least $30 or more. Only ED generics can have prices as low as the site offers for the so-called Viagra and Cialis.

If anyone is gullible enough to purchase these so-called “branded” meds, the drugs can only be paid for via credit card only. Shipping is via US Postal Service, and the Transit time takes anywhere between 7 to 30 days. The shipping fee is a flat $30 internationally. Returns are not allowed on the site, even for damaged items. The site only promises to include the amount of the damaged pills to the client’s next order. There is not much discussion for the resolution of non-delivery concerns or incomplete orders. Also, the site mentioned that all sales are final and non-refundable; which is a total bummer.

DrugsBazar.org does not have a live chat function, but what it did have was a “Contact Us” portion where clients can leave their inquiries for the site. Calls are also accepted by the site through this number, +1 914 214 4747. Clients can also email the company at e-mail: [email protected], or contact support at Skype: meds.supply.

DrugsBazar Reviews:

DrugsBazar Reviews
DrugsBazar Reviews

No product testimonial can be found on-site but I have found mentions of the site from a thread in pharmacyreviewer.com dated 2013-2014. The first commenter, Ange99xx (October 23, 2013) is mostly mad at the site for not being able to deliver the parcel. The client was also furious because there was not a single response for the emails the client sent.

Bewaredrugsbazar posted a negative feedback for the site too, saying that he/she was scammed by the site. According to the client, he never heard from the site after the payment was made. And because the client “called the site out” because of its dishonesty, the site blocked the client from seeing its IP, and that’s it, no refund whatsoever.

Worried11 also related that he was “ripped-off” by the site, and was blocked as well. The client was not able to visit the site anymore after the site took the client’s payment.

All of these were awful reviews for the site. I was glad that I’ve found third-party reviews from clients for this site, but was totally disappointed by the fact that they were all from disconcerted clients who were all stolen from by the site.

DrugsBazar.org Reviews 2016:

Safety Report of DrugsBazar.org by Scamadviser
Safety Report of DrugsBazar.org by Scamadviser

DrugsBazar.org was rated 50% safe by Scam Adviser. According to the result, the site is “suspicious.” The site was also detected to be operating most likely from Netherlands. Even if this site is rated “50% safe” the other 50% that’s not safe concerns me the most. I wouldn’t be taking my chances on a site with only half a chance safe.

Drugs Bazar Coupon Codes:

Coupon Deals for Using on Drugs Bazar
Coupon Deals for Using on Drugs Bazar

No voucher codes or discounts are currently offered on DrugsBazar.org. There is free shipping, but orders over $500 are the ones only eligible. Personally, that amount is high for a free shipping quote. Some sites can offer free Airmail shipping for orders at least $150.

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