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Home of Drugstore1st.com

Getting a genuine shopping store for Erectile Dysfunction medication is hard after FDA releases report on products that are tainted with chemicals. Drugstore1st.com happens to be in my list of online stores that ought to be evaluated. Their products come from generic manufacturers mostly in India, so their products are not bound by the FDA regulations. For six years, they have been using World Health Organization (WHO) quality control measures.

Drugstore1st.com has the USA toll number suggesting that it has offices in America, but I have learned that they are located outside the US. It deals with Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, and Hair Loss & Skin Care products. What I am interested in is the average cost of popular ED medication. In this store, one pill of Viagra can go to as little as $0.83 if bought in bulk. If bought in bulk, one pill of Generic Cialis costs $1.08, and Generic Levitra will go for $1.99.

Let’s say that I am interested in their product; I will have to pay using my credit card; they accept major cards such as VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. The online pharmacy ships orders by regular and Express international delivery services – I will have to pay an extra cost for fast delivery. They have confirmed that I can use my PO Box, APO & FPO addresses when ordering. The cost of shipping goes low when local postal service is used.

Regular delivery takes 14-21 business days, and it is non-trackable, but free of charge. However, you will be charged $ 29.95 for a trackable Express Delivery that takes 5-9 business days to reach you. The store does not receive back unopened packages due to the nature of the products. I confirmed their return policy through toll-free number 1-800-4900365. They also have a form filling for the system which requires name, email address, and inquiry.

Drugstore1st.com Reviews:

I believe a successful company has to incorporate consumer reviews since they have heard a first-hand experience using Drugstore1st’s services and products. I managed to get a couple of 2011 and 2012 reviews which might be helpful.

Skyface published his statement on the independent review site on November 5, 2012, and said, “Good source! I have been order from this web site much time and I don’t have any negative input, the product work excellent, the shipping also good and once time they don’t send my order complete, I sent an email y they reship my order again … Truly I recommend this site; they are very professional.” He is positive and recommends the site because of their product work, good shipping and active email system and left a 5-star rating.

George V gave a 1-star rating on September 24, 2011, saying that the Tadalafil 20mg he ordered from India was a flop. He said. “Ordered this stuff in April 2011, received in three weeks. Started using this product las month but it does not work. I rarely use this, normally half a tablet of the name brand – works perfectly. It looks like the supplier has sent some holy ash instead of tadalafil. Taking it up with Drugstore1.com.” From the look of things, he was not impressed by what the online store delivered.

Nelda, a customer who posted her review on July 22, 2011, believes that this online store has great customer service and products. In her words, she said, “Can’t say enough good things about this site and their customer service reps. Many people I know to order from Pharmacy1st.com, and we continually refer friends and family to them. They have low prices, great products and are honest. If you don’t like what you receive, they will reship another product free of charge or refund the customer.”

I can’t say if most of the review on the independent review site are genuine, but I will consider what was shared.

Drugstore1st.com Reviews
Drugstore1st.com Reviews

DrugStore1st Reviews 2016:

Trust Rating for DrugStore 1st by Scamadvisor
Trust Rating for DrugStore 1st by Scamadvisor

I have looked up the online pharmacy in scam analyzing sites to determine its credibility based on whether it is safe to use or not. After doing my search, I discovered that the website has a low trust rating which suggests that it may not be safe to use their services. The country of origin is not known, and the site seems to be in Ukraine or the United States.

I also found out that it is listed as a “ROGUE” online pharmacy. They use suspicious services to hide the owner’s identity and malware detected in the website calls for caution. Drugstore1st is likely to be operating in a high-risk country. It has been identified to be similar to other scam sites. I think I should not purchase anything from this site until I get the right address of the owner. If the site is being treated as a threat site, then I ought to consider such sentiments so that I don’t find myself in the traps of fraudulent sites.

Drugstore1st Coupon Codes:

I am not always impressed by the cost of the products, but who can resist the temptation of offers and discounts. I have discovered that almost all of the online pharmacies take advantage of offers and discounts to attract buyers, which is acceptable. Drugstore1st has one a couple of offers that everyone should know:

  • Everything re-orders gets a 10 % off the cost.
  • There is also a money back guarantee
  • Regular delivery service is free of charge for every order.

I had also noticed a certain trend when I was considering the quantity of ED medication if I am to buy: Prices per pill of products are lowest of the products are bought in bulk. If I buy 360 tabs of Viagra, I will pay $299.99, but if I buy 36, 10 pills of 100mg Viagra I will have to pay $1440.

Drugstore1st Coupon Codes
Drugstore1st Coupon Codes
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