Eagle-pharmacy.com Review – Closed Pharmacy with Suspicious Reviews

Eagle-pharmacy.com Main Page
Eagle-pharmacy.com Main Page

Eagle-pharmacy.com used to be an online drugs shop that sold generic pharmaceuticals in the treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, insomnia, skin disorders with the main assortment being impotent medications. The common ones such as a pill of Viagra used to cost $1.43 while a Cialis tablet was priced at $ 2.23, the other constitutes enlisted as the most selling were VPXL, Levitra, female Viagra, male reproductive growth pills just to mention a few. Customers were guaranteed of safety consumption as Eagle-Pharmacy drugs were manufactured in India where the Indian FDA had them tested and approved. The question of prescription was left unattended as there was no indication concerning it had been mentioned on the website.

Eagle-Pharmacy used to promise prompt responses to calls made by the clients using the telephone number that was in provision. The choice of filling in a contact email form was not a miss either. Although it used to take a while before getting a response, the assurance was that it would never fail to come through. Customers who preferred bank transfers, Bitcoins among the other means of payment felt a bit off as eagle-pharmacy.com was only accepting Visa credit cards. Shipping methods that were utilized by the e-shop were international Airmail which was expected to take (2-3) weeks at the cost of $6.96 and Express courier service at the price of $ 18.95 estimated to take (5-7) days. Eagle-Pharmacy also offered Insurance carrier which did not mention when to expect a delivery but had a guarantee of free reshipment in case the goods given had defects in any way. Customers were welcomed to request a refund by filing the return form which asked for a reshipment of the package back to Eagle-Pharmacy within 21 days from the day it was delivered. Eagle-pharmacy.com had a cancellation policy and clients would cancel their orders within 24 hours and get their money back. Before I take a look at the testimonials, I find it wise to make a confession of failing to detect the physical location of Eagle-Pharmacy and the year it started its operations due to the lack of enough data offered on Eagle Pharmacy website.

Eagle-pharmacy.com Reviews

On 15th April 2007, David Harvey from California had ordered the male starter pack which arrived in a couple of weeks in excellent condition. He tried some proportion of one of the pills, and he admitted to having had a’ phenomenal’ experience come the following day. He concluded by appreciating the site for the great product and service they had offered him.

Eagle-pharmacy.com Testimonials
Eagle-pharmacy.com Testimonials

A few months later on 2nd July 2007, Amanda Lee from Texas Claimed to have received Cialis and Viagra pills which were timely delivered. Amanda’s appreciation went to the support system for their assistance which was satisfying.

The other review had been published a couple of months later on 21st September by Max Johnson from New York City who appreciated the ‘excellent service’ that had been offered to him by the store, not forgetting to mention the effectiveness of the pills he had ordered as they had impressed him beyond his expectations. These remarks were quite encouraging as they were recommending services and products offered by Eagle-Pharmacy. However, they might be subject to manipulation as they were only found on the seller’s site which might be far from the truth. Is it a coincidence that all the customers had bought Cialis and Viagra? Is it to mean that every client who knocked on their door left with a smile due to the exceptional services that used to be offered?

Eagle-pharmacy.com Reviews 2016

I opted to figure Eagle-Pharmacy from a wider angle, and so I made the use of scam analyzers. I started with the Legitscript.com to verify my suspicions concerning the reviews; it stated that it did not have the records of Eagle-pharmacy.com on their website. My findings had started on a sad note although giving up is never a solution, so I used the scamner.com only to come to the conclusion of which I already know about the site not being inexistent.

Eagle-pharmacy.com Website is Not Active
Eagle-pharmacy.com Website is Not Active

My last hope was on the Scamadviser.com to at least share anything they know about this internet pharmacy that is no longer affecting the pharmaceutical market. The report was not only immediate but disappointing as well since it was so obvious that the site is inactive.

Eagle-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

The so optimistic talk that was in my mouth not so long ago has soon been replaced by a pessimistic one since my searches are hitting the rock. Eagle-pharmacy.com does not have a single evidence of ever having coupon codes, loyalty points or seasonal promotions. Unlike most closed sites that have a hanging statement that used to offer free pills or shipping charges, this particular e-shop is not among the statistics.

Saving is a popular word, and those who put it into practice can testify of the sweetness of its fruits. That being the case a warehouse that promotes its clients to spare something from the bill becomes a priority to most consumers. How I wish I were there to impact this sales tip to eagle-pharmacy.com may be it would be in the market as of now.

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