EDpower24.com Review – Not Trustworthy Vendor of ED Products

Edpower24.com Front Page
Edpower24.com Front Page

Based on the name, this site edpower24.com is mainly a site selling ED medication. The name of the site in the homepage is “Medic Australia”; I guess that this site is Australia-based. It mainly caters to Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The site had been running since 2010 (or so the info says).

Early on in browsing, I am instantly bugged by having to deal with the site’s several names. The domain is “edpower24.com”, the homepage reads “Medic Australia,” and at times “Viagra Direct Australia.” So in my mind, I’m like, “what’s it gonna be, really?”.

The site primarily deals with ED meds (hence the name), so I am expecting good deals for them by the pharmacy. Unlike the other virtual pharmacies, this site (since they specialize in ED meds) offers both generic ED and the branded ED meds (example: Viagra).

Since the site only offers ED meds, the site provides numerous variants per ED drug type. Take Sildenafil, for instance; the site has Viagra, Generic Sildenafil tabs, generic Sildenafil Pills, oral jelly, “viagra professional”, “viagra soft”, “viagra super-active”, “viagra with Dapoxetine”, Female Sildenafil, “Red Viagra”, Caverta, Eriacta, Kamagra, Malegra, Silagra and the list goes on. Same goes with Tadalafil; the site offers numerous kinds of the drug for consumers.

Prices are actually good for the ED drugs. For the generic Sildenafil (Sildigra), the site offers the 25 mg drug at $2.54/pc if bought at 20 pcs, but the price goes lower when bought in larger quantities, say, 360 pcs; at this quantity, the drug costs $0.91 (25 mg). The starting dose this site offers for generic Sildenafil is 25 mg, and has up to 200 mg available. They also sell the branded Viagra at a lower rate; they have the 100mg/10pcs at $100.79, and sells the 92-pc at $628.94. The pharmacy also offers Cialis at good prices.

The site claims to sell products that are approved by the FDA. The site was also honest to admit that their generics are made from India. I do not have proof, however, to their claim that even their generics are FDA-approved, as most of the sites I know that sell Indian generics have no FDA accreditation. Clients are also able to buy the ED meds without prescription, which is illegal.

Payment method accepted by this site is mainly by credit card. The company offers to ship via Airmail $10, 10-21 days transit time) which is not trackable, and via EMS ($30, 5-9 days transit time). If the parcel is sent via EMS, the site can provide the tracking details to the client.

Orders that are not received in the expected delivery time qualify for refunds and reshipment. Returns, however, were not discussed in the site. Fortunately for me, the site had live chat support. I was able to ask the shipping rates and the drug shipment origins via customer support.


Customer Service Support via Live Chat on edpower24.com
Customer Service Support via Live Chat on edpower24.com

They can also be contacted via email, as there is a “Contact Us” option in the site. They may be also called through +1 800 109 585 (AU) and +1 877 888 9761. There is no physical address for the site though, which I find questionable.

EDpower24.com Reviews

The reviews for me are super essential in judging whether the site can be trusted or not. This site claims to start 2010, so I find it weird that the site had no external reviews. The company had no on-site product evaluations either.

Long-running companies (which aren’t scam sites) always, always have reviews from former clients. It doesn’t matter what reviews they have; at least they have existing reviews. Based on my experience, online stores without existing reviews are most of the time dubious sites.

EDpower24 Reviews 2016:

Edpower24.com Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Edpower24 Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Scam Adviser’s result shows that the site only gained a “25% safe” rating, and marked “may not be safe to use”. I’d trust this rating because there are a lot of inconsistencies found in the site; typo errors, poor grammar, non-existent reviews, and the many names the site go by.

EDpower 24 Coupon Codes:

There are no coupon or discount codes offered in this site. There are also no shipping discounts offered for any amount of purchase. What they have though, are free pills according to the quantity of purchase.

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