Emedsonline.net is Now Closed: What Now?

The domain of Emedsonline.net is now a Japanese blog called “Tamaki’s Puku-Puku land” with a content completely unrelated to drug vending. Emedsonline.net was previously an online store with stocks of generic medications for various clinical applications, but today, the domain is now owned by a Japanese blogger. The image below shows the “translated” blog, as the original page is in Japanese characters.

Emedsonline.net Nowadays Screenshot
Emedsonline.net Nowadays Screenshot

The fact that the domain Emedsonline.net has been converted to a blog means that Emedsonline.net is not operating anymore. There was no trace of this online store being transformed into a personal blog; the shop just disappeared from the web and then poof, it just became a blog by a Japanese author. Since the content of Tamaki’s Puku-puku Land has been directly translated, the content is a bit messed-up and incomprehensible, so we can’t seem to get what this blog is aiming at. There is one thing that’s clear, though— Emedsonline.net is really gone.

Emedsonline.net History

Using the Wayback Machine, we were able to discover that the store Emedsonline.net was previously called “Price Champion”. Even if there were internet records for Emedsonline.net, the data for this online store was quite limited. The archived records for the shop indicated that the store previously sold Tramadol for pain relief, but beyond that, there is actually nothing we can discuss for this online store.

Emedsonline.net Main Page
Emedsonline.net Main Page

Emedsonline.net sold “discounted” Ultram brand Tramadol prices, but apart from this product, we do not know what else Emedsonline.net sold its clients. The archived information for this online store was scanty, and it seems that the 2012 record available for Emedsonline.net was already data for a store near its closing. There were no products accessible on the archived Emedsonline.net, so the shop did not have at least a product or price list available. In this case, we’re unable to say when Emedsonline.net did actually operate and when the store really shut down.

Ourmeds.org Alternatives

We can’t say that Emedsonline.net being gone was really a loss because the store was not popular during its time. The fact that individuals failed to save screenshots and records for Emedsonline.net during its operations meant that not many buyers were able to access Emedsonline.net during the previous years. What’s really odd, though, was that in 2004, before Emedsonline.net was an online pharmacy, the domain was actually for a mobile phone-needs website called http://www.mymobile.net:80/.

Since Emedsonline.net is no more, you can’t get Tramadol or any drug here anymore. Although there is a glut of online shops with medical products available, it is rather difficult to source products from unknown online drugstores. Even if these web stores are advertising good prices, you can’t be too sure that they’ll deliver good quality products, let alone at least be capable of “delivering” your items. If you want to be sure of the store’s quality and efficiency, it won’t hurt to take a look at our list of online shops which are sure to deliver. These stores are reliable and trustworthy and are sure to give you great value for your money.

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