Emedsrx.com Review – Unapproved Site with Expensive Prices

Main Page of Emedsrx.com
Main Page of Emedsrx.com

Emedsrx.com has been operating since 2001 as a licensed internet pharmacy (by Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing) which dispenses and prescribes FDA-approved medications. Erectile dysfunction meds and hormone-based contraceptives are the only ones sold on the site.

There are only a few meds available on Emedsrx.com —ED meds such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra and a number of other products like Stendra, Ella, and Chantix. As brand-name meds, these are all FDA-approved, genuine, HIPAA-compliant, and the US manufactured, unlike what the other internet pharmacies sell. Patients may order the mentioned meds on the site without having prior prescriptions, as the site offers online (and to some states, video) consultations for its clients.

Since Emedsrx.com has various claims regarding its approvals and accreditations, the prices were made exorbitantly high for its clients. The minimum order amount for Viagra is $242 for 3 pills (100 mg) alone and that does not include the shipping costs yet. Cialis (Lilly), on the other hand, is sold at a minimum order amount of $230 and for 3 tablets alone (20 mg). Having seen better prices from reliable sites, I think Emedsrx.com’s prices for the ED meds are expensive, although the cost already includes the medical consultation. The site charges about $80 for each pill of Viagra and Cialis, and that pricing (for me, at least) is too much to ask.

Shipping rates cost $22-$30 depending on the client preference. Based on the shipping options, I can tell that Emedsrx.com only ships orders to clients in the US area alone. Shipping couriers used by the site are USPS and FedEx. Regular shipping costs $22 for USPS and $25 for FedEx and the express shipping costs $28 for USPS and $30 for the FedEx option. However, I think that the site could have offered the shipping for free, considering the amount that it charges the clients for its products. For payments, Emedsrx.com accepts either Visa or MasterCard payments only.

Of course, there are extremely unlucky instances where orders are misplaced or damaged during transit. I would have wanted to know what action Emedsrx.com takes on these cases. Sadly, Emedsrx.com did not discuss anything regarding the processing of refunds or reshipments for these cases. But, Emedsrx.com advises clients to contact it on events such as those. Emedsrx.com may be reached using its contact form (posted on the site) or by using these details:


Customer Support: [email protected]

Complaint Dept: [email protected]


Toll-Free Customer Support: (866) 460-1925



PO BOX 6593

Scottsdale, AZ 85261


Emedsrx Reviews:

Since Emedsrx.com made a lot of claims regarding its authenticity and legitimate service, I was hoping to find a good number of client reviews for it on the web. But I was unable to locate even a single one. It was maybe that the clients were repelled by the steep prices for its ED products. It was good that Emedsrx.com had a lot of claims to its legitimacy, but those are just baseless claims until someone proves to get good service and quality products out of it.

E Meds Rx Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on E Meds Rx
Scamadviser Report on E Meds Rx

No reviews were also available for Emedsrx.com for this year (2016). Since it did not have reviews from clients on reviews sites we can use in assessing Emedsrx.com’s performance, I tried checking it with Scam Adviser to have a good look at its data.

Emedsrx.com was just rated 0% safe out of the 100 possible rating. Scam Adviser labeled it “high-risk” and with a “low trust rating”. Emedsrx.com was also detected to be an “unapproved” pharmacy, plus also discovered to have links to malware reports and high-risk sites.

The site was also misleading clients into believing that it’s a 15-year-old site; its detected age was only 1 year, which is 14 years short from what it declares its age to be. These are unpleasant (and shocking) results for a site which claims to have a lot of credentials.

Emedsrx.com Coupon Codes:

Bonus Policy of Emedsrx.com
Bonus Policy of Emedsrx.com

There were no coupon/voucher offers available for clients on Emedsrx.com. It’s funny though that what it can offer its clients as compensation for its super expensive prices are free pill splitters. Not even free shipping is offered here or at least bonus pills for large purchases. What a stingy site.

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