ePharmacy.com.au Review – Great Presentation, But Poor Performance

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ePharmacy.com.au Home

This is one of the rare instances that I am somewhat impressed just by seeing a site during the first visit. There is really a certain characteristic that a genuine site emanates, I just can’t pinpoint what specifically. But it seems that the collation of real data gives out something characteristically set apart from the bogus sites. I really have a good feeling about epharmacy.com.au from the moment I started browsing. It is an Australian site founded on 1999, and is just an online extension of Chemist Warehouses located across Australia.

ePharmacy.com.au offers everything that we can find from our local pharmacies, since it is just an online site of its physical stores in Au. The site has prescription meds, herbal meds, topicals, bath and body care items, novelty items, medical supplies, ED drugs, and many more. Unlike the other sites I had been to, this one does not seem to have a template listing of items to choose from. There is really a big tangible difference on the feel of this site against the con sites I previously reviewed.

As a legally operating, registered pharmacy, the site only sells products approved by the Australian FDA, or whatever governing body is in charge of product approvals. The site is also very strict in vending prescription meds; no prescription medication is dispensed by this site without a real, physical prescription by an Australia-licensed doctor.

Prescriptions are mailed, and cannot be sent to them for purchase by fax or in image files. Also, the site does not accept international prescriptions, even from Australian citizens. Only prescriptions by doctors licensed from Australia are allowed. That is actually both good and bad news, because as much as the site is conscious in maintaining the law, international customers are not quite welcome considering this policy.

As for the ED meds, which I am primarily concerned about, their Viagra 100 mg costs $13.99/4 pcs (Aud); and the 40pc pack costs $99.97 (Aud). It’s actually a good deal considering they are already selling the branded type. Cialis 10 mg, on the other hand, costs $95 (Aud) per 4 pieces, and $555 (Aud) when bought in 24s. Those are actually good prices for the ED products.

General payment methods accepted by the site is through major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc), debit cards, PayPal, and BPAY.

I did not have much to ask their customer service as nearly everything I need to know is posted on their site (and also because their customer service is offline, but they have the chat function too). Shipping information is mostly for Australian clients (as the site is based in Australia). Standard shipping (1-8 days) is $8.95 Aud for orders less than $99, but free for orders above the said amount. Express shipping (1-3 days) is $18.95 Aud for orders less than $99, and free for orders more than that limit.

International orders, however, do not have fixed prices, as the shipping fee depends on which country the orders will be shipped to, and also depends upon the weight of the parcel. Australia Post International is the courier, and the prices for the respective destinations can be found in the post’s site.

Unlike the other sites, this site has a clear refund policy posted. The site accepts refunds for wrong orders, defective products, unsafe products, and even due to change of mind. However; medicines, fragrances, baby formula, and vitamin supplements aren’t included this type of return. The full amount will be refunded as the returned parcels are received.

I haven’t had a chance to test their live chat option, though, because the attendants were offline. The company may be contacted through email, by sending a message in the “leave a message” tab at the bottom of the site, or by sending a message to [email protected] Phone numbers to contact them by are: 1300 367 283 and 1300 734 876.

What is significant to this site is the addresses of their Chemist Warehouse branches across Au. The branches are all searchable in one section of the site, and searches give out the addresses and the phone numbers of the physical stores.

ePharmacy.com.au Reviews:

ePharmacy Reviews
ePharmacy Reviews

As much as I am impressed by the site’s virtual attributes and its seemingly reliable facade, I am utterly disappointed by the client reviews that this site received from third-party sites.

Well, first of all, these third-party sites attested to the authenticity of ePharmacy.com.au; but, the negative reviews regarding its service are very discouraging.

For instance, an international order from an anonymous client from London received an order that lacked a box of medication; 3 were only received out of the 4 paid. The client went on to say that the company was unable to answer the complaint filed.

Brett, a client of the site complained that he was unable to receive his order 3 weeks into waiting. He contacted the site through calls and emails but to no avail.

Another negative review from Bee related that the site shipped empty tubes of baby teething gel. And later on found out that the ones sent were nearly expired.

The reviews were really disappointing. I had hoped that along with the good impression the site initially left me with will be good reviews from satisfied customers. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

e Pharmacy Reviews 2016:

ePharmacy Reviews 2016
ePharmacy Reviews 2016
ePharmacy Reviews 2016
ePharmacy Reviews 2016

Current reviews of the site from third-parties are consistently negative. 20 out of 35 reviews of the site are “terrible“; only 6 reviews out of 35 gave the site an “excellent” review rating. The site never ceases to disappoint me.

Customer bigbob67 related that he had a pleasant experience from the site on his previous orders, but he had a problem with the last one. His order took a week to update, and he received no response from the site’s team. The site also lost his prescription and did not apologize for it, and ended up cancelling his order and giving him a full refund.

The other reviewer, Tony, recalled that it took a long time for the site to update him regarding his order. Turns out his order was out of stock and the site was waiting for the restock. Orders arrived a month after, and the package was not properly sealed, so the product oozed from the container.

Both these reviewers wrote that they would not order from the site again.

epharmacy.com.au Scam Analysis
epharmacy.com.au Scam Analysis

The review from Scam Adviser yielded 61% on its safe analysis. According to it, the site has been “threat listed“. That explains the negative service the clients are complaining about in their reviews regarding the ePharmacy.com.au site.

ePharmacy Coupon Codes:

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Free Shipping offer by ePharmacy

As for the site’s promos; there are no coupons available, but the site offers free shipment for orders $99 Aud above. Seems a good deal for clients, but I doubt that more will get encouraged by this after reading the negative reviews from this site’s service.

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