Epharmacy-One.com Review – Bad Idea to Shop for Meds Here!

Epharmacy-One.com Design
Epharmacy-One.com Design

I have decided to conduct a small investigation to establish whether I have a chance of receiving my order if I use the services of Epharmacy-One.com.

Looking at the information on this site, I can see right away that the store is an obvious scam. You might say I am too quick to judge but let me walk through the journey to reinforce my arguments. You will end up reading from the same script with me. First, I discover that Epharmacy-One.com has no physical location as they have not indicated on the site, although they claim that they have been operating for the last 6 years. They further state that their drugs are packed, processed, and shipped from India. They are India FDA approved.

They major in ED drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Apcalis, Caverta, Eriacta, Kamagra and much more. I can order 360 (50mg) pills at $287.95. According to my basic math, I will save a lot, as this translates into $0.80 per pill.

They have three main payment methods: Credit Card Payments, Bank Wire Transfers, and E-check Payment. This is where I tend to digress with them. The shipping. Epharmacy-One.com have two shipping methods which are; Courier Service which can be tracked and it is charged $30, and it takes 5-9 days to be delivered. The second one is Standard International Airmail which leaves a $10 dent on my pocket and takes 10-21 days to be delivered.

The policy if at all they have, one states that if my order is flagged down at the customs, I will be alerted to go and give permission for it to be checked. Epharmacy-One.com clearly states that I will get a full refund or even a re-ship without incurring additional cost. Now this is where the rubber meets the road. Neither of the above can actually happen.

Despite assurances from the site that they have a customer care center that operates 24/7, I haven’t gotten any reply, leave alone the automatic message from the support team e-mail address notifying me that my message was received. Even better the toll-free UK number +44 (20) 0222-7084 does not go through either. They must be using Time Zone from another planet.

Contact to Epharmacy-One
Contact to Epharmacy-One

Epharmacy-One Reviews:

Straight to the point without any delay: Epharmacy-One.com is a fraud. Ask me why. All the reviews posted on the site are found on other multiple sites without modification, and they not only appear bogus, they are fake reviews. Period!

For example;

David says, “I received my order this week. Thank you very much” folks how many times have you seen this comment on other stores? Innumerable!

Mark says, “I received the order and the pills work great.”

Mike sentiments were, “I have received the order. Very impressed with the delivery time” Mike should be thanking me for delaying me in delaying to post this review too. Dn said, “Thank you for your follow-up. I did receive the pills” sure Dn you will be receiving an ever bitter pill after people realize you are a hired goon.

Epharmacy-One Reviews
Epharmacy-One Reviews

Epharmacy-One.com Reviews 2016:

What other better way to corroborate my earlier remarks that Epharmacy-One.com is a scam than to visit my old time friend scamadviser.com? They always say that good friends support each other in good or bad. However, sometimes my friend and I tend to disagree on some issues but this particular one, I have the full backing of scamadviser.com. Epharmacy-One.com has been listed as a threat. Its popularity is unknown and the number of times it has been visited is concealed.

Scamadviser Report on Epharmacy-One.com
Scamadviser Report on Epharmacy-One.com

E Pharmacy One Coupon Codes:

Almost every online drugs store knows the importance of coupon codes to maintain the frequency of customers flowing. But Epharmacy-One.com has none of that. Probably, they have nothing to offer.

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