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There’s almost nothing to see in; the only information posted on the site is its products and there was no information regarding the site’s vitals or its order process. is an online drugstore specializing in only a handful of products such as Men’s Health Products, Women’s Health Products, and Gears (steroids) for Athletes. The address I found on the site said “Great Britain” on it, but I was unable to see when the site’s start was.

Browsing the site, I deduced that the site only sells generic meds on its lineup. did not have any information on the site regarding the status of its products; I can only assume that the products, since mostly from famous Indian generic manufacturers, were approved by the Indian FDA. Products sold by were mostly from Cipla, Ajanta Pharma, Aurochem, and other Indian drug manufacturers.

Not one page was dedicated for the essential information clients should know. There was no FAQ and no Policy Page on the site, so there is basically none to refer to for the needed information. Regarding prescriptions, I think the site does not require its clients to provide the Rx for the meds because there was no policy stating the need for them for all the Rx meds on the site.

Concerning the products, only has a few. It just has Men’s Health meds, Women’s health meds, and meds for Athletes (anabolic steroids). But I have noticed that the only ones available were the Men and Women’s meds, as the list of Althletic drugs was null; although the site said that it supplies a bunch of meds from trusted steroid suppliers like Alpha Pharma, Pharma SYRTEX, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Vermodje, and GENESIS. ED meds were available, but were all generic meds, so the prices were affordable. A single pack of Kamagra Gold (Sildenafil, 100 mg) pills costs $19, while a 4-pill pack of Tadalis (Tadalafil, 20 mg) costs $18. For generic meds, I think these prices are not too cheap, as I have seen lower prices for these generic medications.

Shipping costs $7.5 per order and takes payments from clients via Western Union or bank transfers. As for the security in the payment process, returns, and refunds, there were no discussions. Clients can reach the site using the given contact form. There was this address posted on the site, but it seemed incomplete:

1 Lucker RdBamburgh NE69, Velká Británie

Erektslim Reviews:

As is common to most online sites nowadays, did not have reviews from its previous clients (if there were any) regarding its service and products. I was expecting at least some reviews posted on its main site, but there weren’t any available. Reviews from third-party sites weren’t also available, so it’s difficult to say that is a site which can fulfill the clients’ orders.

Erekt Slim Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on Erekt Slim
Scamadviser Report on Erekt Slim

Again, this result is one of the odd results Scam Adviser has been producing lately. Despite not having reviews from real clients and verified purchases (for the past years and 2016), gave 76% out of 100 for its trust rating, which is higher than the usual scores it has been giving online drugstores. But looking into the details, I found out that the site was listed as a Rogue pharmacy, which seems off with the high results for its trust rating. was given a high trust rating despite the “Rogue” status, which was a first. Did the site find a way to somehow bypass Scam Adviser’s resut? Well, I have no idea. But I am sticking with my being doubtful of the site’s capacity to deliver, as there’s still no proof that it is trustworthy site. Coupon Codes:

And because was almost a bare site, there were also no coupon and voucher codes available on it. No promos were avaiable on the site, so clients are not given a chance to save a bit extra for the items. But to be fair, ‘s shipping is cheap, and there’s no minimum order, so clients can purchase the lowest-priced product to test the site without being asked for extra.

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