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As per site info, was established to answer the generic meds needs of clients mostly in Europe, who struggle in finding cheaper counterparts to the highly-priced brand name meds. aims to provide high-quality generic medicines to its clients while giving them the best prices for them and helping them save about 90% for the medicine cost as opposed to buying the brand-name meds. The site’s name implies that it’s from EU, but does not actually give any clue regarding its real location or the start of its service. states that it only sources from reputable pharmaceutical companies which were mostly from India. These Indian manufacturers the site sources from are all compliant to the same standard (stringent) manufacturing processes employed by the brand-name manufacturers. These manufacturers are also approved by their country’s own FDA. has products from Cipla, Ajanta Pharma, Ranbaxy, Aurochem, Drreddys, and Intaspharma. provides the links to the sites of these manufacturers should the clients decide to check on these manufacturers.

I haven’t seen anything on stating that it is requiring clients to present their prescriptions for the drugs they were planning to order. Buyers may simply purchase any medication they need, without being prodded by the site to provide the appropriate prescriptions. Although this was the case, clients should be able to look into the drugs’ details properly before taking them, or better yet, ask for the advice of a licensed physician when it comes to drug administering.

ED meds available on were all generic and I think were reasonably priced. Clients may be able to purchase generic Cialis (Tadalafil) here for about $67 for 30 pieces (10 mg), generic Viagra (100 mg) for $63 for 30 pills, and generic Levitra (Vardenafil) for $111 for 30 pills of the 20 mg variant. These may all be paid for using Visa, MasterCard, and Bank Transfers. is able to ship orders (which were already paid for) within 48 hours. The site charges nothing (Free Shipping) for the fee on all orders, which is good news for clients. does not ship to the USA, though.

If in case the clients weren’t able to receive the items within about 30 days, they are encouraged to contact support to resolve the matter. Clients may be reached using + 1-888-455-5624 and may be emailed at [email protected]

Eu-Meds Reviews:

I wasn’t able to find any relevant client reviews for The web doesn’t seem to have any client reviews from those patients who were able to try out service. Since there were no reviews to prove that it is a legitimate site to order from, its integrity remains questionable and I am doubtful to recommend it before credibility is established.

Eu Meds Reviews 2016:

Scamadvisor Analysis Report on eu-meds
Scamadvisor Analysis Report on eu-meds

Scam Adviser’s result indicated that it might be unsafe for clients to use and gave it a trust rating of 32%. The site was also only a year old but was already listed as a Rogue pharmacy and does not comply with the necessary standards needed to be classified as a legit one. was also detected in China and not anywhere in EU. Coupon Codes:

Discount Program: 10% Discount on All Re-orders
Discount Program: 10% Discount on All Re-orders offers its returning clients 10% discounts on all their re-orders. This may help encourage clients to re-purchase items and help them save at the same time. Free shipping is also available and is without any requirement, so clients are able to enjoy zero shipping costs on all of their orders.

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