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I have a burning desire to determine the credibility of sites that sell ED medication in terms of quality and affordability. I have a couple of websites in the list and is due for a review.

It is clear from the site that they do not sell brand medication; they deal with high-quality generic products. These products are believed to have been manufactured under extreme quality control measurements. Their category selection lists medication for Erectile Dysfunction, Blood Pressure, Pain Relief, Healthy Bones, Skin Care, Weight Loss, General Health, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Stop Smoking. The List Also Includes Antibiotics, Erection Packs, Sleeping Aid, Antiviral, Birth Control Pills, Anti-Fungus, Anti-Allergic/Asthma, Anti-Acidity, Party Pills. Anti-Herpes, Anti-Diabetic and Anti-Depressant/Anti-Anxiety.

Since they are manufactured and shipped from India, it is right to say that they are approved by the Indian FDA. They sell Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), Levitra (Vardenafil) And Avanafil (Generic Stendra). Stendra costs as low as $2.66 per pill, Levitra has a low cost of $1.27 per pill, the cheapest Cialis pill goes for $0.78 and the lowest cost of Viagra would be $0.62- the packaging of the products may differ.

They accept credit cards such as e Amex, Diners club, Visa, JCB and MasterCard. The shipping is international through Registered mail and EMS (Express mail service). The maximum time it takes to deliver an order using the EMS is 10 days. Registered Mail Takes 3 to 10 days with a trackable ID and 7-20 days if not tracked.

They have a support inquiry form that can be used to address certain details that were not clear in the website, like the refund policy. One can contact them through the number, (877) 339-2893. I discovered, after calling, that they refund if the order was not delivered as expected.

Euro-shelf Reviews:

The website felt a little boring since its navigation system was not quite impressive. I also did not find any customer reviews from independent sites to help me determine the credibility of Euro-shelf. Customer reviews would have helped me understand how the public react to their products and services.

I found some testimonials which appear below every ED product being sold. Since these testimonials are owned by the seller, I am not able to trust them. One was from Alex EDWARDS, who said, “I have been taking Viagra for about 10 years now, I find it very helpful in maintaining my sex life with my wife of 45 years.” In his review, he only gives praise to the product in the years he has been using it to improve his sex.

Another customer, – Dave, Age 64, said, “After a seed implant for prostate cancer I developed. ED. With Viagra it’s like being an 18-year-old again.” Little is said about the quality of the product and services. I have a feeling that they have retrieved the reviews from other sites. I suspect that vendor might be fake. I henceforth do not recommend their service or ED products. Reviews 2016:

In many occasions, when I fail to get reliable customer reviews, I tend to do a scam analysis of that specific site. Through scam analyzing sites I get to determine the reputation of an online site- the trust score is provided for everyone to see. In my search I found that it has an average trust rating suggesting that a high-risk country is involved in setting up the website: the site is based in United States but the owner’s location remains hidden.

Countries like United States, China and Germany have a part to play in keeping this site online. Apart from its association with high-risk countries, it uses suspicious services to hide the identity of the owner. If I am to purchase anything from this site, I would exercise extra caution to avoid being a victim of online fraud. The site appears to be fake, more research has to be made to determine its credibility. I would not recommend this site to my readers and ED product consumers in general.

Safety Report of by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Euro-shelf by Scamadviser

Euro Shelf Coupon Codes:

In most cases customers get attracted to some of the saving options offered by an online store, and at times it works for the owner when they buy. I have found out that Euro-shelf gives free pills when a customer buys products in bulk. For instance, when I buy 270 pills of Viagra 100 mg (normal dosage) I get 10 free pills- this is helpful.

Besides free pills, I saw that they have a bonus on the Viagra purchase which includes free shipping; there is a free express shipping in other ED products. I understand that savings begin when I buy more than 20 pills from the store. It is a better deal to save money at the same time get extra pills. The site might be fake and if it is so, then the deals are mere marketing strategies. I believe more information can be obtained through their live support system.

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Discount Offer by Euro Shelf
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