is Seized: One Less Steroid Supplier Online

Unlike the other seized websites, was seized not only by one government (usually the websites are seized by the US government alone); as for this store’s case, the authorities terminating the service were from various agencies of the world. There is something called a “Project TransAtlantic VII” which is an aggregation of several countries for combating counterfeiting activities of online entities. This message of domain seizure then leads to the YouTube channel of Europol, which airs video cautions to buyers regarding the purchase of counterfeit products online. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

As for, the message implied that the shop was one of the online stores vending counterfeit goods so it was shut down. However, more details regarding the court orders or the warrant for the arrest of its operators were not provided on the domain of the store, so we’re still in the dark when it comes to the real reason why the shop was closed down by the prestigious government agencies. The reasons for the shutting down of this store may be valid, though, as it is common knowledge that the sale of steroids online is considered highly illegal, and as we know, steroids are the primary products of History

Based on the name of this online store,, most of its products belong to the “steroid” category. Unlike the other online shops, the most-sold products on are syringes, Terapia Naposim, Deca Durabolin, Insulin, and other products related to body building, hormone therapy, and similar concerns. In truth, steroid sale online is highly prohibited internationally, so carrying steroid stocks online is illegal and subject to government reprimand., though, did not only stock products for bodybuilding—the store also had various generic products for weight loss, erectile dysfunction, and other “fitness supplements”. Main Page Main Page promised the “best prices” for its products and also guaranteed the sale of “high-quality anabolic steroids” alone. also guaranteed the discreet delivery of its steroidal products, mainly because clients are also in danger of legal reprimand by just possessing the illegally obtained products. Due to the nature of the products sold by the shop, the store did not disclose its actual location and also did not give out contact numbers to its clients. However, even with the store’s caution when it came to its operations, was still shut down by Project TransAtlantic VII. Alternatives

It is not really a good idea to purchase steroids and similar products online, first of all, because these products are illegal to obtain online, and second, you need actual medical advice to use these products. We will not be recommending other sites you can buy steroids from, but we can endorse the use of online pharmacies for your generic and branded medical needs.

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