is Closed: What are the Likely Reasons? has been seized, and not only by the ICE of United States but due to the involvement of different agencies. As per the notice that has been posted on the old domain of, this suspension has occurred while carrying out a mission named Project TransAtlantic III. This project is mutually being carried out by the law enforcement agencies belonging to Hong Kong, the United States and different parts of Europe. These agencies are in search of those online web stores that are selling forged medications and products and to target them down at once. The agencies behind the suspension of belong to countries like France, Spain, the UK, the US, and Belgium, to name a few. This is a moment of shock for the customers who were buying their respective medicines from has been Seized has been Seized

It might be possible that this so-called project that has caused a termination of is nothing but a propaganda plotted by the owners of some world famous pharmaceutical businesses against the sales of generic products. These businesses fear that the generics would one day rule the pharmaceutical world because of their great effectiveness and low rates. Therefore, they are killing off small generic businesses one after the other to solve this problem once and for all. has been one of the unfortunate pharmacies that have been targeted by now. History was an online supplier of different drugs for both men and women. It claimed to serve good quality products to people residing across the Europe. The specialty of this store was in supplying the best generic versions for treating problems related to male sexual health. About 3000 products were available at its website at reasonable rates because obtained them directly from the manufacturing companies. In addition to supplying generic medicines, branded drugs were also sold here. The website was available all the time, taking orders 24 hours a day. Customer service was especially regulated to respond back to the questions raised by clients. Drugs available at this store were for allergies, AIDS and HIV, hepatitis, psychiatric problems, Alzheimer’s, asthma and even for Parkinsonism. Home Page Home Page

While there were some reviews about the working or, the majority of them were against it. Some customers complained about the bad layout of the pharmacy while others said that it never shipped the products to them. Some directly called this store a scam that took all the money but never delivered any products to them. Scamadvisor approved these negative customer reviews, saying that it had a zero % trust rating and not safe to use at all. Alternatives

The presence of pharmacies like makes us realize that the internet is full of different spam web stores whose purpose is just to gain money illegally and never respond to you ever again. It is necessary to avoid such incidents by properly researching about a platform prior to placing an order. This is a tough job which we have eased for you by giving out a list on our website about the vendors you should contact in order to buy cheap and authentic generics. Don’t forget to check it out to have a good shopping experience.

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