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Just seeing the photos here on this site already made me conclude that is a site for steroids, mainly catering to body-building enthusiasts. The site boasts of “100% client satisfaction”; and we’ll see about that as we go on with this review. As to when this site was established or where this site originated, there was no mention. I guess that the site deems that such information is inessential for the clients.

According to, what it sells are 100% authentic steroids from well-known manufacturers such as Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, and more. This site is an authorized reseller, so the clients are assured of the products’ authenticity and quality. However, although the site declares its products as “genuine” or “pure”, there is no mention regarding the products’ FDA approval or any approval given by any governing body relating to drugs distribution.

Although is specializing in the sale of multiple types of steroids and other related products, it also sells several other drug types commonly consumed by the clients. For instance, the site is also selling Weight-loss products and merchandise for sexual enhancements (like erectile dysfunction drugs). Here, clients can easily avail these Rx products too without prescriptions from GPs. I know for a fact that these ED and weight loss products are mostly Rx, but I think that the site doesn’t mind selling them without the need for Rx’s anyway. only has two products for ED, namely Sildenaxyl 100 (Sildenafil) and Taldenaxyl 20 (Tadalafil). These ED meds are manufactured by one of the main suppliers of the site, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. Prices of these products are actually reasonable; the Sildenafil costs only $34 for 20 pieces (100 mg), and $29 for 10 pieces. The store’s Tadalafil is also inexpensive, also costing $34 for 20 and $29 for 10 pieces of the 20 mg product. I think sold these two just for being additional products for its steroid patrons to purchase, and nothing more.

It is new that this site requires mainly Bitcoins as a mode of payment. According to, Bitcoin is its preferred payment method, as the said payment method requires minimal personal information exchange, as opposed to credit card payments. Also, I am also guessing that it’s the site’s way of protecting itself from being legally reprimanded; as this business is illegal and punishable by law. Aside from Bitcoin, also accepts payments from Western Union and Money Gram.

Shipping by is charged at a flat rate of $28, but the site will ship orders for free for orders amounting to $600. There is no mention of the estimated transit time, but the products are shipped by Trackable Courier.

This store, offers reshipments for orders which were non-delivered due to customs seizing. But, there are countries that the store does not reship to, like South Korea, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia. As for damaged or orders with missing contents (except for divided shipments), the site does not have a refund or reshipment policy. I guess it’s better to contact support regarding the issue. Client support is available in the site by e-mailing [email protected], or by using the message box allotted by the site in one of its sections. Phone numbers and the physical location of this site remain undisclosed.

Euro King Gear Reviews

Client reviews for look good, particularly those which were from from the past year. Testbeast200 gave the site an excellent rating for the speed of delivery and the quality of the products delivered. According to him, he was able to receive his orders in less than two weeks, and the products worked good on him, giving him the results he desired. Reviews Reviews

The client Ulaw also gave the site positive comments about’s products. He related how the site did not need to communicate with the site when he ordered, and he got the products 10 days from its promotional end. The products from this site pleased the client too, as he mentioned the good changes he noticed subsequent to his use. He said that he will definitely order again.

Another client, Mitch77, also told that the site was easy to communicate with. His products were also shipped within a week’s time in his location in west Europe. According to Mitch, the products were also effective, and he already noticed the stuff’s good effects. He recommends the site for clients who might want to try the’s steroids.

I was surprised seeing these positive reviews by the clients, even though the site appears to me as shady. But since the clients’ have said it all, I think this site is trustworthy enough to order from and has products which are really genuine and safe to use.

Euroking-Gear Reviews 2017

Reviews for Euroking this 2017 were just as good as those from the previous year. Clients were still raving about how good the service of the store is and how good its products are. Reviews 2017 Reviews 2017

Simfitn3ss commended how the site was able to ship his orders for just under a week to the UK. Aside from the fast delivery, the client commended how the customer support of the site was efficient, and how the products were effective. He also said that was faster than the UK sources he previously ordered from.

Mr. Feathers also gave a good review, stating that the products, delivery, and communication with the site are great, and overall, the client had a great experience with the site. According to him, his products were delivered in set time, and the products were strong and with “outstanding” quality. Coupon Codes

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on currently offers free shipping on all orders reaching the amount of $601 and above. Also, the site grants clients an additional 20% discount on all orders which would be paid in Bitcoin or Western Union. There were not many details on the site aside from the banners, but Euroking advises to contact its support for more details regarding the promo.

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