Review – Unreliable Virtual Store with Unconfirmed Reputation Main Page Main Page is an online steroid pharmacy. It started out as an online pharmacy in March 2014 and stopped being functional in April 2016. The store sold high-quality body builder steroids. They believed they were the best because they offered professional customer support, guaranteed delivery, no minimum order was required, orders were shipped within 1 to 4 business days, discretion was guaranteed and no prescription was needed. The pharmacy sold injectable and oral steroids, sexual health, weight loss/fat burn, post cycle therapy, and peptides. They try to convince clients of their integrity by mentioning their easy and safe ordering process. The average cost of 100mg/tab Viagra was $1.5 while Cialis sold for $2.5 per pill.

Payments for orders could be made using credit cards. The pharmacy shipped internationally via EMS registered mail. The average arrival time was within 14 to 18 days. Clients could track their orders as each package had a tracking number. The pharmacy shipped from 5 European countries but refused to tell where exactly they were located, stating that it is part of their security policy.

If a client’s order was seized, the store would reship it after pictures of the seizure letter were taken and sent to them via email. If the order hadn’t arrived after the expected date, clients were urged to wait for 30 days after the expected date to consider it lost. Only then the virtual pharmacy would claim to reship the lost order. Euroking did not reship to APO addresses and to the following countries: Canada, Finland, North Korea, South Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, Australia, Norway, and Swaziland.

I could not speak with any customer care representative because the site is presently unavailable but they could be contacted as at when functional by filling a Contact Us form.

What the site represents is easily denoted by the image of an amazing, macho man with lots of muscles. The site is obviously a male site as they address majorly male-related issues. So if anyone was looking to burning fats and gaining some muscles, looked like the place to visit while it was functional.

The store doesn’t have a minimum order so a client can order very little at first to test them out. This would enable a client to know if his goods will actually be delivered as stated and how long it will actually take. Reviews has no reviews. I found no feedback either on the site or off the site. How then are clients supposed to know that purchasing from this site is safe since no evidence of such is available? I do not trust sites like this because the absence of reviews could mean that the site is unpopular.

Euro King Gear’s reputation is unconfirmed and as such, it is an unreliable virtual drug store. These pharmacies need to recognize that potential clients get the needed information not just from what the store has to tell them in the ‘About Us” page but from what clients who have used the store previously had to say. This site is unsafe and I would not recommend it to anyone. Reviews 2016

I went on to check since it is an independent review site and might have something on Euro King Gear and it sure did. It stated that the site was Malaysia based but most likely from Japan. Trust Rating Trust Rating

But then, it as well had a low trust rating for the shop of EuroKingGear and stated that it may not be safe to use. There is a visible trace of distrust and this is enough for me to zero my mind on purchasing from here. By the way, Euroking-gear is unavailable and for very obvious reasons. is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Website is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Website

Also, described Euroking-gear as a rogue internet pharmacy. It might have had difficulty meeting up with some regulations as set by pharmacy regulating bodies. Coupon Codes

Euroking-gear had a freebie that was constant for each passing year. Every Christmas, they had what was called a Christmas sale. Christmas Sale Christmas Sale

A 15% discount was available for all steroids. In the year 2012, the Christmas sale lasted from December 6, 2012, to January 1, 2013. This provision did not apply to steroids alone but to all other medications sold in the store.

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