Review – Drug Shop Operating from Russia Front Front, as the domain name suggests, is primarily focused on the sale of steroids. The company claims to have been in operation since 2001, whilst the website was created in 2010. While there is no information on the website as to where the company is located, a quick WhoIs lookup shows me that the website is located in Russia.

The main assortment of products sold at Euro Steroids is primarily a wealth of steroids and performance enhancing drugs. In the ED department, Viagra can be purchased in only one quantity – 4 x 100mg tabs for $70.97, which isn’t cheap by any means, but depending on whether the Viagra is branded, or not (which isn’t actually stated) that could be an accurate price.

There is no information on whether the items sold are FDA approved, but given the selection of steroids available, I would believe that they are not FDA approved, or at least not for human consumption.

Euro Steroids offers several possible payment methods, including major credit and debit cards, bank transfer, moneygram and bitcoin. Whilst is reassuring that it offers different payment methods, it is important to note that all of these options can still be used in fraudulent transactions.

Shipping time can take 5-21 days for delivery depending on postal service efficiency, customs clearance, transit, etc. It appears to be a way of them explaining that your delivery will take time to arrive, regardless of the option you have paid for. Whilst they do say they have only one methods of shipping, it is not specified what that method is, however it costs $16.50 for worldwide shipping.

The customer support system in place requires an active account to be used. After creating an account I found that it is simply a contact form, which is as good as offering a customer support email, and so I’m unable to comment on whether or not this part of their website is legitimate.

No refund policy appears to be in place; apart from the mention of the company not accepting cancelled orders after payment has been processed. It would appear that orders that have been processed and paid for are non-refundable. Reviews:

Euro Steroids website and also independent review sites have no reviews for this company whatsoever. Whilst may or may not be a scam, the risk of dealing with a company that has no reviews tom confirm its reliability is far too high. I would suggest not purchasing from the site due to this reason. If the website was actively trading and delivering meds to customers, you would expect to see at least one or two reviews placed online, but it is not the case with

Eurosteroids Reviews 2016:

Reputation analysis of Eurosteroids by LegitScript
Reputation analysis of Eurosteroids by LegitScript
Eurosteroids Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Eurosteroids Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Euro Steroids website is not containing any reviews, and I have been unable to find any reviews on independent pages. A search on Scam Adviser, however, tells us that is a high risk, suggesting that it is indeed a fraudulent company. Along with this is a low trust rating which is inevitable, and the assurance that the website is Russian Federation based. Given the facts that there are no reviews to base a decision upon for this website, along with a low trust rating, furthers allows me to suggest that this website is a scam operation to be steered well clear of.

Euro Steroids Coupon Codes:

I have been unable to find any relevant coupon codes to discount a transaction from this website. Which is unsurprisingly really considering the more I discover about Euro Steroids the more fraudulent it is appearing. Given the facts that we already know, placing money into this company alone would seem a silly thing to do. At this point we don’t even need a coupon code, as we know it would only knock money off an order then inevitably wouldn’t turn up.

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