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I was surfing the internet last weekend, choosing an online pharmacy to become a victim of my next review and landed on

I found that is a Las Vegas-based discount online pharmacy store that offers branded as well as a generic range of medications such as Viagra, Lipitor and Cialis along with several other medications. With more than eight years of presence in the field of online pharmacy, is claiming to offer excellent pricing, convenient ordering and timely shipping of the medications. But as I looked deeper I found that not all its claim are true.

I have seen that the average price of Viagra comes out to be $1.69 and Cialis comes out to be $1.80 which shows that their pricing scheme is very competitive compared to many other US based online pharmacies.

The delivery method which the website recommends is via Certified Courier Shipping service which is a combination of EMS and USPS. A tracking number is also provided with this type of courier service, but the customers can also get their drugs at home by regular shipping mail which is obviously cheaper. Users can easily get their package within four to seven days if they are using UPSP and within a time period of 14 days if they opt for the regular, cheaper option. The company is also forethoughtful of the fact that if the package is stopped at the customs of the recipient country, the package will be sent back to the states where Express will resend the package via regular mail which would cost consumers nothing. I have seen no information about the differences in the pricing. I will have to call its customer service line or check with a live chat rep. It does not look like I am going to get an instant answer, as there is no live chat and when I called its US number, was taken straight to a voicemail asking to leave a message. The only way to contact them is via email.

Payment can be done via credit/debit card and checks. Strictly speaking, no money order is accepted. One thing I found interesting about the site is that it has a better refund policy than many other websites. A full refund is issued when the orders have not been shipped. But if someone is having any medical issues after using their drugs, they can ask for a full refund only if they provide a copy of doctor’s confirmation. All the price will be paid back, except the shipping cost which is acceptable to most of us. After a thorough search, I found that According to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy this site is not recommended for the purchasing of the drugs. Also, it appears not to meet the compliance with state and federal laws of NABP and it also does not follow patient safety and pharmacy practice standards. Reviews: Reviews
ExpressDelivery Reviews

One way to check the credibility of a website is to check the customer reviews from different sources. Although I found some controversial statements, majority of them were good. However, I suspect that the owner of this website has been rigging the customer’s reviews.

A customer, Downing, was found happy after using this website and commented on 2009-11-18 that,”I bought pills in the online store. I bought generic Cialis a couple of times. And I’m very happy with their service and quality of medications. It’s interesting to know that Cialis work faster (within about 12-20 minutes), and the effect lasts much longer – up to 36 hours.”

Another user, Castro007, though on 2009-11-13 said, “I got my order at time. All is great.” Short, but straightforward review.

ExpressDelivery Reviews 2016:

Scamadvisor Report on
Scamadvisor Report on Express Delivery

Although there were no comments about the current level of service provided by Express Delivery Pharmacy, I searched almost every site, yet no one bothered to give any latest review. I thought of a better plan: I went to and checked out the credibility of the website. To my surprise, this site too gave a high trusted rating.

Express Delivery Coupon Codes:

Just like many other pharmacies, has been giving out many promotions to enhance their sales. Some of their sales policies have been described below.

Discount Offer by
Discount Offer by
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Discount Offer by ExpressDelivery

One last promotion was a free shipping all over the world to the customers that ordered for more than $160 or had ordered over 100 pills of ED meds. This is a very generous promotion as many users can add up to avail this offer and can order many pills as a single unit. Another thing is that automatic discounts are given to the users that have been doing business with this vendor for a long time. Login to your account and then the computer will define how much discount one will get- calculations being on the amount of order done in the past. If a person has done enough orders, he/she is most likely to get 5% off on 1 piece order. Similarly, 10%.15%, 20% and 25% will be given to customers ordering for 2, 3 5, 10 orders respectively. Moreover, I’ve seen on the blog that they had introduced a new offer. Customers! Buy your drugs and we will give you 10$ extra.

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