Ezshoppillshere.com Review – Short Suspicious Stint, Already Inaccessible

Ezshoppillshere.com Main Page
Ezshoppillshere.com Main Page

Ezshoppillshere.com is already an inaccessible site, and based on our research, it only ran for one year. From 2015 to 2016, it was an online source of generic drugs of various categories. I tried to locate records for the store in various online platforms, but there appears to be limited information for the online shop and it is probably due to the short run length of this online pharmacy. It is not surprising that the shop closed in only one year, since most online pharmacies on the web come and go, and usually without warning.

Ezshoppillshere.com used to offer FDA approved products for different conditions such as allergies, infections, heart disease, high cholesterol, mental health disorders, pain, etc. It also had products for men’s health and women’s health. The store had the common medical categories for the drugs available, and these medical categories were typical of online drugstores. Customers were able to access these without the need of a doctor’s prescription and at affordable prices. Usually, stores which offer medications without the prescriptions tend to offer online consultations. In the case of Ez Shop Pills Here, the store did not have online consultations or medical assessments in place of asking the buyers for their valid prescriptions.

Its featured products included drugs for mostly erectile dysfunction – generic Viagra was sold for $0.92 per pill and generic Cialis for $0.90 per pill. Other products were also accessible on Ez Shop Pills Here, and since the store had mostly generic products in the shop, the prices for the products were all affordable.

For payments, they accepted credit cards such as Mastercard or Visa, and e-checks. As for shipping, they allegedly offered different methods, but we weren’t able to retrieve the conditions and rates anymore.

Customer support was offered through their US toll-free number +1 888 524 7141 and UK number +44 808 189 1420. They were also accessible through online live chat. However, despite the store’s live chat option, the offline status of this shop prevented us from contacting the store’s support team.

In cases of mistakes in the delivery of failed deliveries, they offered free reshipping. Returns, however, were not mentioned in the records for Ez Shop Pills Here.

Again, the website is at present already inaccessible and would redirect to other pharmacy websites.

Ezshoppillshere.com Reviews

We found several customer testimonials on Ezshoppillshere.com through a website archive. Most testimonials reported that the drugs they received and used were effective. There were a lot of reviews available for the store on its site; however, there were no retrieved reviews for this online pharmacy from external sources.

Ezshoppillshere.com Testimonial
Ezshoppillshere.com Testimonial

For example, customers Payton, Dave and Scott all similarly shared that they once had problems relating to erectile dysfunction, but then the medications they got from Ezshoppillshere.com helped and worked as expected.

Some problems with these comments are that for one, they are all found on the website itself making them suspicious and possibly biased, and two, the exact same reviews were also found on other similar websites. They are then most probably copied and fake. Since Ez Shop Pills Here is yet another affiliate marketing website, the store had reused reviews from its mother company.

Ezshoppillshere.com Reviews 2016

We tried looking for reviews for the online store for the present year, but no records from external review sites and forum websites were found for Ez Shop Pills Here.

Ezshoppillshere.com Safety Information
Ezshoppillshere.com Safety Information

We used Scamner and Scam Adviser to further check the reputation of Ezshoppillshere.com. Scamner revealed that the domain of this website has just been registered recently, with a short life expectancy which is not a characteristic of good online shops. More importantly, it has been reported as an online scam several times.

Ezshoppillshere.com Trust Rating
Ezshoppillshere.com Trust Rating

In addition, according to Scam Adviser, the domain age of Ezshoppillshere.com is less than 50 days. The domain is under the organization Global Domain Privacy Services Inc, and the owner is Private Whois. These are services that hide its identity making it all the more suspicious. All in all, Scam Adviser gave it a 15% rating and deemed it high risk.

Ezshoppillshere.com Coupon Codes

Because the website is already unavailable, we were not able to retrieve any information regarding coupon codes or other discounts and promos for Ezshoppillshere.com. No records on the web also show the existence of coupon codes and discount offers for the online store.

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