Fabaaa.com Is No Longer Available: What’s the other Place to Buy my Meds?

Fabaaa.com used to be an online pharmacy which is now seized by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The website with an odd name for a pharmacy can no longer be accessed. According to the message left by the federal government, the domain was most likely seized by IP theft. The message also warns people regarding the consequences of certain federal crimes, specifically counterfeiting goods and copyright infringements.

Fabaaa.com has been Seized by ICE
Fabaaa.com has been Seized by ICE

There isn’t any justification that explicitly clarifies the true reasons why the store was captured by the government of the United States of America. Maybe the reasons were viable, or maybe they weren’t. It is not the first the time that a pharmacy is put out of business by big pharmaceuticals. These more well-established companies are always trying to find ways to prevent small online stores to thrive as they impose a serious competition in the drugs industry. Offering the same type of medicines at lower prices constrains the higher prices set by bigger pharmaceuticals. Since these industries do not wish to lower their prices, many times they shut down pharmacies as a way to prevent them from growing.

Fabaaa.com Reviews

It is common to not find any sort of information and description about a certain website which has been seized. As you can imagine, that is the same situation we encountered with Fabaaa.com. The website cannot be accessed anywhere, not even via wayback machine. Without any reviews from clients who used to shop here or blog posts describing this pharmacy, is very hard to do an appropriate and decent evaluation about the reliability of this vendor. Moreover, it seems like there used to be a clothing store with the same name as Fabaaa.com, making it harder to distinguish which one is what.

Fabaaa.com Trust Rating
Fabaaa.com Trust Rating

When facing the problem of lacking online reviews, it is utterly necessary to resort to analyzing tools such as Scam Adviser. The website scored a pretty decent rating (72% of trustworthiness), and Scam Adviser only says there used to be a small chance of risk. The website was rarely visited which explains the lack of reviews. Unpopular stores tend to not have a single customer review on the internet. The website was based in the United States, but most likely from China.

Fabaaa.com Alternatives

Despite the fact, we cannot tell if Fabaaa.com was rightfully accused of IP theft, and that we can’t draw conclusions based on the little amount of information found, you are still facing the question of which pharmacies you can trust and where can you buy your medications. Those are exactly the type of questions our website intends to answer. We search daily for the best pharmacies, exposing unsafe ones and guiding you to the most reliable online stores. We invite you to go through our extensive list of vendors, so you can easily pick the one that suits you the most. We don’t want you to risk yourself, hence we work hard to build our meticulous compilation of pharmacies for you.

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