Review – Drugstore with Fake Reviews and a Low Trust Rating Design Design belongs to the category of online drugstores selling both brand-name and generic meds, although generic drugs comprise most of the products of It’s a bummer early on that did not say where it’s located in its “About Us” section. There were actually some statements about the site “caring” about its clients (and so on), but there wasn’t really any hard fact regarding the necessary information clients should know about the site.

The products sold by were all approved by the FDA, even the generic ones, and according to the site info, even the World Health Organization was able to accredit the products too. Most, if not all of the products sold by were prescription meds, but the site does not require clients to submit their prescriptions for the meds. Since this is the case, clients may be able to order from the site freely any Rx medication they want. But it is duly advised for clients to be sure they are fit for taking a certain drug that they are new to, or just seek the advice of a licensed professional.

Listed on a part of are its products which were categorized into medical conditions they treat or are relevant to, so clients may easily search what they need. Like in my case, I was able to search for what I needed (ED meds). I liked how the site also had a search function aside from the categorical listing. Some of the products were for maintenance of chronic conditions, disease cure, pain relief, skin care, lifestyle meds, and so much more. But like I mentioned earlier, I mainly looked into the ED meds, as they are the ones which I was interested in.

Since most of the items on were generic, the prices were low. But, I also checked the prices for the branded ED, and I was surprised that they were not actually as expensive as I thought they would be. Branded Viagra (Pfizer) only costs $47.43 for a batch of 12 pills (100 mg), Branded Cialis (Lilly) costs $52.26 for a pack of 12 pills (20 mg), and Branded Levitra (Bayer) costs $54.24 for a batch of 12 pills (20 mg) too.

Regarding the payments for these items, allows Visa, MasterCard, and E-checks. Additional charges are for the shipping fees which cost $10 for Unregistered Airmail and $30 for Courier service (with tracking). As for orders missing or with damage, clients are advised to contact support so that the team can process the refund or reshipment for the orders.

Clients may contact support at +19173832064 (US) and +16476941568 (CA). Live chat support is also offered by but was offline during my browsing period. Offline messages, however, may be left for the site using its email messaging function. Reviews:

Fastxpills Reviews
Fastxpills Reviews

According to a previous buyer, Blake (Milwaukee), can get the orders fast. He also mentioned that the products were affordable but still with good quality.

Carl from Oklahoma thought at first that the site was too good to be true, but according to him, the site delivered. Fastxpills had cheap prices and efficient customer service, so he was pleased.

Pierre from Toulouse also appreciated the site’s products, Viagra in particular, and commended’s low pricing for it.

I appreciate how these reviews (and more others from the site) were good comments about the site’s service, products, and delivery. But, these reviews weren’t really organic comments, as they are also published on other sites. did not actually have its own comments, but rather copied these reviews from other existing sites. Reviews 2016:

Scamadvisor Analysis on for Scam Potentiality
Scamadvisor Analysis on for Scam Potentiality

External client reviews for the current year weren’t also available. I have tried searching the web for client references for Fastxpills but there were none.

I was able to find Fastxpills on’s database, though. It was rated 31/100 and “might be unsafe”. The site was also dubbed “suspicious” as the owner is hiding its location. The site also had malware activities detected for it and was also listed as a Rogue pharmacy in the past. sounds like I site I wouldn’t want to be dealing with. Coupon Codes:

Like its third-party site reviews, coupon codes were also not found on the site. did not have anything to offer its clients; not even free pills or conditional free shipping. It’s bad for publicity, though, as sites without promos usually repel clients instead of attracting them. Discounts are always attracting consumers, so this site should at least have some discount promo going on.

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