Review – A Terminated Pharmacy with No Information Main Page Main Page was a suspicious vendor since it had very little information on its official website and has now been closed down without providing any justifications for it. The store had been working since 2005, yet the owner never cared to create a separate section in order to provide the customers information about its origin, location or other affairs. The main assortments of Fitness Pharma used to include anabolics, anti-Estrogen hormones, weight Loss, men’s health, smoking cessation, influenza, herpes, needles and syringes, headache, muscle relaxants, anxiety, pain relief, skin care and much more. Fitness-Pharma used to emphasise on the fact that their products were of high quality and had been certified by the FDA as safe. The prices of the generic drugs offered at this website were, however, found to be expensive as the generic version of 100 mg Viagra was used to be sold at a price of 3 US Dollars per unit.

A number of methods used to be provided by FitnessPharma in order to make payments. These methods included credit cards, for example, Visa Card, MasterCard, Money Gram, Western Union and bank to bank transfer. The customers had been provided with absolutely no information about the shipping method. It had not been mentioned that which company was used by Fitness Pharma in order to deliver the products to their required destination. The only thing that had been mentioned was that company used to ship in 21 days. The company also did not take responsibility for any additional costs, losses or damages done by the postal service in addition to any delays. Fitness-Pharma also did not use to take responsibility if the wrong address had been provided by a customer or any delays that were caused by any third party. It only used to provide a free refund if wrong medications had been shipped accidentally or the medicines were proven to be unusable. FitnessPharma had provided a live chat facility in addition to a response form for the customers to contact it. No contact number had been provided, though. Reviews

Fitness-pharma had myriads of reviews, but all of them were located on the website itself. No reviews could be found on any third party website. Reviews Reviews

Keefewolf was impressed with the working performance of the website and said that “very easy quick shipment, discreet customer for life.”

Leon Ray also admired the pharmacy and said that this vendor was,” honestly the best service I have ever witnessed. I ordered thinking it was going to take weeks or even if it was going to come but still I check my mail just in case and in 5 days my order was here.” This review showed that the website had some delivery system.

Baskiller, another happy customer commented, “OMG- these guys are the best”.

Although all of these reviews give an impression that the pharmacy provides very good services, however, it must be kept in mind that not all of these reviews were true as these reviews were found from the website of the vendor itself. Such reviews are at high risk of being forged to attract more customers. Reviews 2016

Although the pharmacy was active in 2016, it did not receive any kind of reviews, either at third party sites or to the parent website. This lack of reviews made clear that the review for the previous years was at high risk of being forged. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Scamadviser gave 25% trust score to the pharmacy and gave a clear red flag to the pharmacy It said that the pharmacy was Australia, but it could also be located in the US. With the location hidden, it is virtually impossible to check how much a site is trustworthy. Scamadviser also advised people to stay away from such sites and most importantly refrain from sharing personal details or doing financial transactions. Safety Information Safety Information

Scamner gave 0% trust score to the pharmacy and detailed that the website did not have many visitors as the domain had been registered just recently. Moreover, this website was also unapproved from Google servers and also it had no SSL certificate and the users’ data would be at high risk. Coupon Codes

Although the previous record of FitnessPharma was very unimpressive, it did manage to somehow give very eye-catching discounts and offers. Discount Codes Discount Codes

Fitness Pharma gave myriads of discounts ranging from different discount codes that would give 5-7.5% on various products to bonus products which could be availed after shopping for a given milestone. There were also many special sales which provided 50% off on many products. These sales were not time-limited but were applicable when the stock lasted.

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