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I think this store was named because fitness kind-of equates with looking buff and bulky, and therefore connected to the use of steroids. is yet another steroid site, which started operating since 2005. It is different with the other sites because it claims that it sells only FDA-WHO approved products, unlike the other steroid stores which make no mentions regarding the approvals.

The main meds being sold here at are steroids, but the store has a lot more options for clients other than them. Aside from the steroids, also has the commonly found Rx meds across sites, and groups them according to medical needs they are relevant to. Categories like weight loss, men’s health, anti-anxiety, anti-depressants, and others are seen on’s product list. As for the FDA approvals of these meds, states that all of its products were approved for sale and export by the drug-regulating body.

There is no FAQ page on’s site, and there are no instructions for clients should they wish to order. Since the products found here are mostly controlled substances (steroids), Rx meds, and even some narcotics (diazepam, etc.), I am wondering if asks for prescriptions for them. But since there is no FAQ page, there is also no information regarding the Rx requirement for these meds, so I assume that does not really ask for any legal validation from clients for their orders. Though is lenient regarding the sale of their meds, clients should take caution because possession of narcotics and controlled substances without prescriptions from doctors is still illegal, and might be grounds for civilian arrests.

I have seen that has a category for men’s health meds which has several items for ED. There were brand names and generic meds available for ED, so I went on and checked them. has Viagra from Pfizer USA, and costs only $40 for 4 pills. The store’s Kamagra from Ajanta Pharma also costs the same ($40) and for 4 pills too. Tadalafil is also available, but the generic variant only, and costs $45 for 10 pieces.

As for the payments, is also unique because it accepts payments from credit cards and not solely from money transfers like the other sites I had been to. accepts Visa, Amex, Western Union, Money Gram, Wire transfers, Visa Electron and MasterCard payments. However, since there is no information section, I have no knowledge regarding the level of encryption employed by to safeguard the data during information exchange.

There is a flat rate of $30 for the regular shipping, which I think is a lot for the Airmail shipping since other sites usually ask for just $10, or sometimes free. There isn’t an express shipping option for the clients, so clients with urgent orders wouldn’t see this site fit for their needs. As for the shipping policy of, I have read that the company takes no liability on misplaced or lost orders, and will guarantee reshipments or refunds only when clients were able to send valid prescriptions with their orders, or when clients choose the Express option (which, by the way, isn’t available on this site). Customs seized items are also not guaranteed to be reshipped unless there was a valid Rx presented for the orders. In that case, clients are entitled to full reshipment or a refund of just 50% of the total order amount, less 10% handling fee.

Since there isn’t really much information to find on, clients may just contact the site’s support for answers to their inquiries. Like the typical steroid sites, there are no phone numbers, email addresses, or physical address found on’s site, which makes it a doubtful site, at least to me. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

I have found several client reviews for’s service, but only on its site, as there were no buyer reviews for it on review sites or blogs or anywhere else.

William, client from this site said that is awesome and that he will recommend this site to anyone. John Schmaler also said in his review that was the “best store” he’s ever dealt with, due to its helpful customer support. He also appreciated the fact that he was able to receive his order for the first time, and without any need for reshipment, as was his experience with other online stores.

Keefe Wolf, another buyer from, commends its fast delivery and discreet shipment. He also said that he will be’s customer for life. Another review telling that’s service is the best on the web was from Leon Rey. He recounted how fast the delivery took (5 days only), and how customer support was able to accommodate all his questions.

Clients raved about how’s service and delivery were the best, but these reviews were actually just from the site’s own page and not from other independent sites. Reviews like these have the tendency to be customized according to the site’s benefit; most are just mere manipulations by other sites. I am not saying that the reviews found here are all fakes, but there is a possibility that they are.

Fitness Pharma Reviews 2016:

Fitness Pharma Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Fitness Pharma Trust Rating by Scamadviser

There were on 2016 reviews available for, its Scam Adviser analysis did not look good. it was given 0% with regards to its safety aspect and was even included in the threat listed sites (Rogue pharmacies). Also, I have found out that isn’t really a 10-year old site; its detected domain age was only 1 year plus several months.

Fitness-Pharma Coupon Codes:

Coupon Codes for Using on Fitness-Pharma
Coupon Codes for Using on Fitness-Pharma

There were voucher codes available for, but I have noticed that they were only valid for October 2014. I can’t see why the site still posted those voucher codes; it may be that the site was poorly maintained that it wasn’t able to remove the irrelevant information on it.

Aside from these expired voucher codes, also is giving away free samples of steroids but for new clients only.

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