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I visited many online pharmacies and recently stumbled upon the curiously named site affiliate/aka Trust Pharmacy. Here is what happened:

I headed over to the About Us section but couldn’t find out where this Online Pharmacy is based. It tried to assure me in every way that shopping for pills from here is the best decision. However, the language was unnatural and I could suspect that the online pharmacy is based in some offshore company. I had the option to have the site’s language translated to French, German, Italian or Spanish and convert the currency as well, so I guess these are the countries the online pharmacy is targeting primarily, despite claiming that it ships worldwide.

The pharmacy lists erectile dysfunction and fertility meds on top as best sellers. Other meds are for hair loss, treatment of ulcers, antibiotics, etc.

Generic Viagra’s per pill cost is $3.61 and the price of 10 pills is $36.10. Generic Cialis’s per pill cost is $3.54 and the price of 10 pills is $35.38. Brand Viagra is also available and the per pill cost is $9.14 and the price of 4 pills is $36.55 and $62.00 for 12 pills. An ED Sample Pack is also available consisting of generic Viagra and Cialis that costs $46.16. Generic Levitra is also available with per pill cost of $4.03 and 10 pills for $40.29.

According to the FAQs, All the products on this site have an FDA approval. Visa and Master cards are the only two payment options that the online pharmacy accepts. lists two delivery methods: Airmail and Express. Airmail delivery is to reach in 2-3 weeks. The price is  $9.95. On the other hand, EMS Courier Delivery is to reach is 3-8 business days, and the price is $19.95. However, the online pharmacy doesn’t take any responsibility for any delay encountered at customs.

You can get in touch with a customer care representative the following ways: Phone: +1 718 487 9792 (US) + 4420 3239 7092 (UK)

The other method is submission via an online form under different heads, such as reprocess my credit card, questions regarding product, cancel order, order status, etc. I shot off an email but I am waiting for a reply. Will let you know if I hear from them.

The online pharmacy offers free of cost reshipment for all damaged and defective products or delayed orders. Refund is not offered in any case, even if the customer is not satisfied with the product, though the pharmacy recommends that the customer should get in touch with the customer care department (for what purpose, I don’t know!).

Frambuesarestaurante Reviews:

I wanted to know what other customers had to say about the products of the online pharmacy as well as the quality of its customer service before I could consider it safe enough to place an order. Here is what I learned: Smith S., a UK based customer feels that his experience has been great with this pharmacy. Samuel, a French customer, thinks that the shipment was fast and he was kept informed about the status all the time. He declares: “I’m always very pleased. Very honest, great site.” Spain-based Sarah expresses her satisfaction in the following way “Thank you for your fast and courteous service, it is much appreciated. Service like this is rare these days and does not go unnoticed. Thanks to all the people who formulated the product, but also to the people that had delivered it to me so quickly.” Likewise, Germany-based Erica describes the products as “Cheap and good.”

Frambuesarestaurante Reviews
Frambuesarestaurante Reviews

Since I didn’t want to accept these testimonials on face value so I searched online and found the same reviews word for word on another site called RX Pills Buy Online.

Identical Reviews Found on RX Pills Buy Online
Identical Reviews Found on RX Pills Buy Online

It’s obvious that both these sites are clones of the same online pharmacy and there can be others like them too. There are no reviews whatsoever on any legitimate site. So it can be safely said that this online pharmacy isn’t a genuine one as the testimonials turned out to be fake ones. Now I decided to head over to Scam Advisor to know what it had to say and I learned some eye-opening facts.

Frambuesa Restaurante Reviews 2016:

Frambuesa Restaurante Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Frambuesa Restaurante Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Scam Advisor iterates that is the only US as far as looks go but it’s Columbian based in actuality. It cannot determine if the site is popular with visitors or not but it can say for sure that the site is fairly unsafe for any financial transactions. This is the usual case with clone sites. It’s fairly comical how the site promotes itself as “Trust Pharmacy.” Coupon Codes:

Offer by
Offer by

Bonus offers are ways to save a little bit during ordering online. Online pharmacies selling ED meds usually have two kinds of offers: free shipping and extra generic Viagra pills with every order. The discount offers are also clones and hardly any good.

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