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Home Page of is one of the “leading” internet pharmacies on the web (according to its info sheet), and it has been 3 years in the business selling both generic and prescription medication. The site has an alternate name on it and it reads “Canadian Drug Store” instead of, which confused me a little bit. Since the alternate name reads “Canadian Drug Store”, I think that the site may be located in Canada, but I still have to confirm if that’s correct, though.

The medications sold by, both the brand and generic ones, are compliant with the FDA standards and are accredited for distribution and use. By default, the brand-name ones are accredited by the FDA; the generic ones, however, are from FDA-approved companies from various countries, but most come from India so they are accredited by the Indian FDA. One of’s advertising pitches is the “No-Rx” ordering, so doesn’t generally require its clients to send in their prescriptions; but, in case a client thinks that he needs the Rx for the orders to be able to pass through Customs, then the site advises that they send the needed prescriptions.

Most of the online pharmacies I was able to see have the ED meds as their best-selling items, despite the number of the other items available on the site. Medications for allergies, infections, chronic diseases, and more are available on the site aside from the ED meds. I think that the ED meds became a popular choice for clients considering their affordability on the site as compared with their prices on the land-based drugstores. Even the branded ED meds are comparably cheap here; clients may be able to purchase Pfizer’s Viagra for $82.99 for 8 tablets (100mg) and Lilly’s Cialis for $118.99/8 pills (20 mg). These prices are just the average pricing of online sites for the brand-name ones but are cheaper than the local pharmacies’ prices still.

Free shipping is only offered by for clients with purchases of $200 and more and charges $9.95 for Airmail shipping and $29.95 for EMS shipping. Of course, the prices reflect the courier’s speed—a more expensive option means less shipping time. Airmail takes usually up to 21 working days, which is almost 3 times slower than the EMS transit time (5-9 days). It’s up to clients if they want to save $20 or if they prefer a faster option rather than being able to save a few bucks.

With regards to payments, accepts payments from clients using Visa and MasterCard. According to the site, all of the transactions taking place on the site are 100% safe, as the site uses 128-bit SSL encryption to protect data. was able to discuss a bit about refunds, and as I have read, offers refunds for clients who were not able to receive their orders on the prescribed time. For other cases, though, like damaged orders and other problems in delivery, clients are instructed to consult support for instructions for the refund/reshipment claims.’s customer service may be reached using the contact form found on the site, and by calling the following numbers:

US Clients:

+1 866 503 4818

UK Clients:

+44 870 490 06 18

Generic Pills Shop Reviews:

Generic Pills Shop Reviews
Generic Pills Shop Reviews

Since reviews are important, I always try to look for them on every site I visit. This time, I was able to find several reviews for on its site and they were from clients grateful for the site’s service. Mark thanked the site for being able to deliver, while Carmel thanked the site for its friendly and helpful support team.

Mrs. Antonetti, on the other hand, told that the site was a life-saver, but did not elaborate on the details.

However, I think that these reviews may not be trusted due to the fact that they were just found on the pharmacy’s site and not from reputable review sites. I was also unable to see further proofs of authenticity for these reviews; the site could have provided verifications for these reviews, but unfortunately there were none.

Another thing which I was concerned about was that these reviews were reportedly found on other online pharmacies which indicated that these reviews were just copied. Since copied, the reviews weren’t really intended for the site and reflected bad credibility on the store’s part.

Generic-Pills-Shop Reviews 2016:

Generic-Pills-Shop Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Generic-Pills-Shop Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

It’s a routine to check on a site’s status when I can’t find anything on it from review sites and forums. I checked against’s database and I was able to view an analysis of it. In terms of safety, was rated 54% and was labeled potentially unsafe for clients.

The more detailed analysis showed that was labeled “suspicious” due to the fact that it has a Rogue status even if it’s just in its first year of operation—yes, it’s just only a year old and not 3 as it claimed. Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders on claims that it is offering 10% less than its online counterparts, but I think that’s not accurate because I actually saw other sites having prices less than what it offers. Its bonus for every order’s true, though, as I have tried checking out and I was offered freebies from the site.

The “free delivery” too, is erroneous and misleading, as the banner says it’s free “for every order”, but it’s actually free for the $200 and up amounts alone.

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