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Home of is one of the many internet based pharmacies. To find out if Generic-top-pills is a trustworthy provider, I will have to study it in depth. Online pharmacies have become popular due to the need of consumers for affordable prescription meds. Most online pharmacies are known to stock generic meds or even brand meds at low prices. I assessed thoroughly in order to determine if it is a good resource for generic meds. doesn’t specify where it is based physically. It also doesn’t reveal how many years it has been serving the healthcare needs of customers by providing affordable medicines. The pharmacy’s footer bears seals of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and the Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA) which are reserved for Canadian pharmacies, but doesn’t advertise its Canadian pharmacy status out right on its site. Not disclosing the physical location is a common practice of online pharmacies, which puts a question mark on their credibility. claims that in general, all generic pills are FDA approved, so the products presented on this site are FDA approved as well. You can find here meds in the following categories: Allergies, Anti Fungals, Anti Viral, Antibiotics, Anxiety, Asthma, Birth Control, Diabetes, Muscle Relaxants, Pain Relief, Women’s Health, etc. I located ED meds in Erectile Dysfunction as well as in Special Offers. When I browsed the Best Sellers’ category, I found ED meds listed there as well as some other medicines related to other health issues. The ED category contains brand version as well as generic versions of two most popular meds Viagra and Cialis at the following prices:

Generic Viagra 100MG

100mg × 10 pills= $38 (per pill price $3.8)

Brand Viagra 100MG

100mg × 4 pills = $37.97 (per pill price $9.49)

Cialis 20MG

20mg × 10 pills = $37.24 (per pill price $3.72)

Brand Cialis 20MG

20mg × 4 pills = $41.83 (per pill price $10.46)

You can pay for your ordered meds at through the following ways: Visa, AmEx, eCheck. The delivery methods used by the pharmacy are the following:

Airmail: The cost is $9.95 and ordered products would get delivered within 2-3 weeks and even earlier. This service is available for USA customers as US postal service.

EMS Courier Delivery: The cost is $19.95 and the ordered products would get delivered in 3-8 business days. However, sometimes held ups and delays occur at customs of the destination country leading to a delay in delivery.

If you want to get in touch with the customer care service, then you can either call on the following numbers: US: +1-760-284-3222; EU: +4420-3286-3820

You can also submit your query through the form given on the site. I got the following confirmation message when I submitted my product related query:

Unlike other online pharmacies, delivers ordered meds to PO Boxes as well. In case, the delivered product arrives in a damaged shape or something is missing from it, or in case the delivery fails completely, then the customer can contact the customer care service to have the issues resolved promptly. Either way, Generic-top-pills shop pledges to either reship the products free of charge or would refund the order amount. However, doesn’t specify what a customer should do in case he/she is not satisfied with an ordered medication. Reviews

One definite way of determining how well the pharmacy is doing or how popular it is with customers is to have a look at the impartial reviews of the customers. I firstly had a look at some of the reviews posted on

Benjamin, who is a customer based in Andorra, Spain, is appreciative of the fact that the customer care service followed up with him during order delivery. He found them to be effective enough to make him and his partner very happy. Samual, another customer from Spain, ordered Cialis from this pharmacy and found the pills to be very effective. He would like to get more of these pills from here. He is pleased with all the help he got during his order placement and feels that other pharmacies should be like this one, with customer support “as helpful as yours”. An Irish customer based in France is thankful for the “prompt and efficient service”. He cites his experience of buying from here by saying that the ordered products arrived in a timely manner. He is happy to buy from here and has recommended this pharmacy to his friends. Reviews Reviews

The customer reviews posted on pharmacies’ websites are likely to be for promotional purposes and might be not genuine. In fact, these customer reviews exist word to word on other e-pharmacy websites as well. This practice points to the presence of clone pharmacy sites. Next, I decided to scan reputation on impartial pharmacy reviewing sites like Legit Script and Scam Advisor.

Generic-top-pills Reviews 2016

Reputation Analysis of Generic-top-pills by Legitscript
Reputation Analysis of Generic-top-pills by Legitscript

Legit Script determines that Generic Top Pills doesn’t meet its specification for legitimate pharmacy websites; and hence, it fits the definition of a rogue pharmacy. Most rogue online pharmacies provide prescriptive meds without prescriptions (in the best case scenario) or sell counterfeit, substandard meds. To determine where is actually based, I sought the help of Scam Advisor.

Generic-top-pills Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Generic-top-pills Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Scam Advisor determines that the site is Netherland based seemingly but may as well be from Australia. In either case, it hasn’t got to do anything with Canada or its affordable health care system. has very few visitors and has a potentially high risk for customers, according to Scam Advisor.

Generic Top Pills Coupon Codes

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $200 on Generic Top Pills
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $200 on Generic Top Pills

E-pharmacies usually design discounted offers and promotional deals to attract customers into buying more. There are two offers of this kind available at

  • Free generic Viagra pills.
  • Free shipping on bid order over $200.
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