Shut Down: Where Can I Buy my Meds Now?

Generic4all was a very popular and reliable pharmacy that served many clients across the globe. The store guaranteed meds to a wide group of people by offering pills used to treat medical conditions ranging from cholesterol to erectile dysfunction. During the years that was operational, the website was offline several times until it was finally seized under the operation In Our Sites, a coordinated effort by Europe, USA, and Hong Kong. According to the message left by these law enforcement agencies, Generic4all was apprehended for selling counterfeit goods. has been Seized has been Seized

Many people don’t have the economic conditions to pay for their medications in several countries. Without a valid health insurance, these people have to resort to online pharmacies to be able to obtain the necessary medicines for their well-being. Unfortunately, many online pharmacies are being put out of business because they represent a serious competition for the major players in the pharmaceutical industry. Leading pharmaceuticals wish to control the prices and the overall market of generics and stores that offer affordable meds can jeopardize this ability to control the market. These stores are many times shut down as combined effort to eliminate competition of these major companies. Reviews was a quite popular store when it was operational. The website was offline many times, and the store reopened with other domains as well. The store was established in 2005 and offered a wide range of generic prescription drugs at lower prices. The bestselling medicines included generic Cialis and Levitra to treat erectile dysfunction, Zithromax for anti-bacterial infections and Lasix (a powerful diuretic). According to Facebook page, the pharmacy only provided medicines that were manufactured by licensed WHO companies. Trust Rating Trust Rating was established in the United States and, even though no reviews were found online, the pharmacy was considered safe and trustworthy by Scam Adviser. In fact, scored a 93% on the safe scale. The company used to offer several discounts, including a special 10% off for returning clients. Clients could save more by purchasing their meds in bulk.

The website was available in several languages as well: English, German, Spanish, and French, with customer support in each language. Alternatives

If you are reading this, then you were, most likely, a visitor of Like you, many people trusted this pharmacy to provide them safe meds at extremely discounted rates. With a seized domain, you are now questioning yourself if there is another reliable store you can resort to. And you are right! Even though most online pharmacies are dangerous, there are very few ones that you can trust and we are here to tell you which ones. Our website contains a detailed list of such vendors that you can look through and choose which one suits you the most. Our list has a detailed information about the safety of the meds, pricing, shipping rates, customers’ feedbacks, and where you can find discounts. Our list is here to guide you so you will never run out of meds.


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