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I was browsing different sites and came across in hope of finding a reliable vendor. Once you hit 30s, you get plagued with all sorts of medical issues like weight gain, hair loss, saggy skin and even erectile dysfunction. So you realize that you need some extra help along the way like vitamins and even preventive and regenerative meds. Since brand version is mostly very expensive, I was hoping to pick up some cheaper stuff online. Here is what I found out about

The About Us page merely shares that it is an online pharmacy. Generic4AllOfficial location and years in service haven’t been shared, so we don’t know if it’s a newly established one or a fairly old one. The next thing I wanted to check of course was what kinds of products were available here and how they have been categorized. Here is what I found out: Men’s Health; Women’s Health; Cholesterol, Quit Smoking; Skin Care; Antibiotics; Gastric; Pain Relief; Birth Control; Family Health, etc. I was able to find some well known Brand ED meds and their generic version in the Men’s Health Section. Here are their names and prices:

  • Generic Viagra (50 mg)

10 pills for $49.99 (per pill price $4.90)

  • Brand Viagra (50 mg)

10 pills for $109.99 (per pill price $10.90)

  • Generic Cialis (10 mg)

10 pills for $54.99 (per pill price $5.40)

  • Brand Cialis (20 mg)

8 pills for $129.99 (per pill price $16.13)

  • Generic Levitra (20 mg)

10 pills for $59.99 (per pill price $5.90)

If you want to get in touch with the customer care support, you can do so through the following ways:

  • USA: 1 + 877-778 -3153UK: +44 808 280 0713
  • Live Chat: When I tried to click on the live chat button, I got a DNS error instead. So I sent an email instead through the form given on the contact us page and got this confirmation message:
Reaching Customer Service Representative of
Contact to Customer Service Representative of

Generic4allofficial pharmacy requires you to open an account before placement of an order; it is only then you would be able to learn the payment options (which vary in accordance with your geographic location, billing address and the products ordered). This certainly isn’t very cool considering I have to share my personal information first before even deciding whether I want to buy from here or not.

As for shipment method, the FAQs list that Generic4All Official uses Express Shipping (2-14 day delivery) method and tries to ship everything ordered through this method and the remainder products (if any) through standard shipment. But in the case Express shipping option is not available for your region, then you will be notified regarding the situation.

The online pharmacy doesn’t issue refunds in case a customer isn’t satisfied with a med due to federal and local laws. However, in case the ordered product get lost in shipment or arrives in a damaged state, then the customer can get free reshipment or refund. Reviews:

I was looking for some evidence of customer related activity on and was searching for some client reviews regarding the products and services and came across four client reviews on some random inside page. None of the reviews were related to ED products, though, I have decided to quote some anyways:

Samantha, a current customer from Canada, has always been apprehensive about online purchases thinking she would get scammed, so she placed a very small order here but was surprised. According to her: “I thought I would first buy less, only to determine whether or not these guys are for real. The package had serial numbers I could check online for authenticity. I double checked with my doctor too. All in all, I was encouraged to take this product since it was genuine. Ever since then, I kept ordering from Generic4All. It’s a good choice!”

Another client Jurgen, based in Austria, always bought from local pharmacies in order to be able to get in touch in case of any problems. However, he broke this rule for Generic4All due to its low prices, since then: “Generic4All drew my attention with the low prices. They’re practically unbeatable. However, this company is established somewhere in Europe, so that was far away. I live in Austria. My package got here after a little more than a week – I guess it is quite normal to take a few days when shipping abroad. Anyway, the quality was decent. It was practically the same thing I had from the local drugstore. I don’t know what tricks these guys pull, but the price is definitely attractive. I will order again, that’s for sure!”

Besides this, my search on independent pharmacy and products’ reviewing sites and forums drew a blank, and I was unable to locate any activity that might suggest that customers are regularly buying ED meds or weight loss or hair care meds from Without this substantial evidence, I was somewhat unconvinced about placing my order at this site. I then decided to check Scam Advisor, a trusted background checker of any kind of sites.

Generic4allofficial Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on Generic4allofficial
Scamadviser Report on Generic4allofficial

Scam Advisor helped me determine very quickly that this online pharmacy gives an impression of being in USA but in actuality, it is being run by Barbados. With very few visitors coming to the site, there is considerable risk involved in buying from here.

Generic 4 All Official Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on Generic 4 All Official
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on Generic 4 All Official

In order to attract customers, almost online pharmacies run one kind of promotional program or another. This online pharmacy, however, is offering only one kind of money saving offer, which is free regular shipping.

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