is Closed: What Can Replace it? is closed by ICE and there is nothing much it can do to save itself. Customers have become totally hopeless as they read the notification present on the seized domain of their beloved pharmacy store that was once fully intact and operational. The suspension is not on a small level and involves some heavy charges. District Court has raised concerns about Generic Pills On, stating that it is involved in manufacturing fake medications and retailing them to the internet. By serving as a platform, had been providing poor quality counterfeit drugs to countless customers around the globe. Moreover, these fake medications have the same names as the branded ones, proving that the company has also violated copyright acts. Thus, ICE has immediately terminated its functions and the store has been penalized a fine and imprisonment. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

It is actually the well reputed pharmaceutical companies producing branded medicines who are to blame for this suspension. It is obvious that these companies are not happy with the way things are proceeding with generic medications and they certainly do not like the attention these medicines are getting. Customers are getting more interested in buying these generics which are obviously cheaper and better. In these circumstances, the companies are losing their customers and profits which is making them angry. That is why they are taking permanent steps to stop the supply of generics by closing down every source that supplies it so that they can gain their customers and profits back. History

The layout of was exact the copy paste of many other generic pharmacies operating online. The pharmacy dealt in medicines belonging to different groups like asthma, allergy, antibiotics, antivirals, diabetes, depression, anti-parasitic, arthritis, birth control and much more. The ‘about us’ section of this drug store was also what is mostly found on every other pharmacy. It said that the company existed for nine years and it provided drugs that were approved by the Indian FDA. The quality of drugs was top class as it was produced with the best raw materials and great facilities. The drug store also made sure that the drugs it provided were legal and original. Main Page Main Page

However, none of these claims were found to be true as the vendor had been playing with the customers all along. It had made a separate section for entertaining testimonials given by the customers but all of the reviews were fake. They were picked up from random pharmacy sites and just posted here as it is without any changes in the content, proving that Generic Pills On was a fake store. Alternatives

After has stopped working, it is time for you to head out into the online world of pharmaceutical stores and search for the best one for you. We all know that it is a time-consuming job because it involves a lot of researching. Even after you have chosen a drug store to buy from, the risk of getting spammed remains. Therefore, you are advised to consult our list of top trusted vendors. Ordering from them is safe as their service and products are approved by the real customers.

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