Review – Online Pharmacy with a Low Safety Score! Home Home is an e-shop offering generic medications for sale. Erectile dysfunction patients found a reliable and cost effective source in the form of generic alternatives of brand meds like Viagra and Cialis; however, we are facing the dilemma of finding a reliable source for the purchases, as many online pharmacies are scams and sell meds from unknown pharmaceutical sources. That’s why as a consumer, I feel that there is a need to analyze each source carefully before buying. I am sharing the information about, so others can benefit. specifies on the About Us page that it ships Indian generic meds from India but it doesn’t share for how long the e-shop has been in this business. Likewise, also doesn’t mention whether the meds sold here have any kind of FDA approval or not. Another thing that is not clear is that the generics available here are from India or from other countries as well, as, on the site, it is mentioned that connects users with the most trusted sources and suppliers in the world, so it gives the impression that the meds found here are from other countries and not just India.

Meds available at have been organized according to various categories. ED meds are available in two categories, Erectile Dysfunction and Men’s Health. Here are some of the noteworthy brand and generics I found at

Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) 10mg

Generic Cialis 10mg x 60 Pills = $72.00

Generic Viagra (Sildenafil) 100 mg

Generic Viagra 100mg x 60 Pills =$72.00 accepts payments through credit card only i.e., Visa and MasterCard. So, this online pharmacy has limited payment options compared to other sites. Furthermore, uses standard Express Mail Service to ship the ordered products and assures that the delivery is fast. The shipment cost is flat rate fixed $15 for most of the destinations I checked (USA, UK, Australia, etc.). The delivery time to the USA is 10-15 Days i.e., 2 weeks. Tracking of order facility may be available depending on the destination country.

I further learned that there is only one way to get in touch with the customer care service of i.e., through email. This is not always a good sign in my opinion, as many of the online pharmacies don’t usually reply to emails. Nevertheless, I sent my query keeping my fingers crossed and got this confirmation message:

Email Messaging with Customer Service Representative of
Email Messaging with mentions Returns and Replacements clause, but whatever information is available there is regarding free of charge reshipment if the product fails to reach the customer altogether or reaches in a damaged state. It doesn’t mention what are the refunds and return policies for customers who are not satisfied with the effects or results of their ordered meds. Reviews

Reviews related to an e-shop’s products and services help other users decide whether to buy or not. However, I was unable to find any user reviews or recommendations existing on Generics21 own site or on any other opinion based consumer forums. Without this substantial evidence, it is hard for me to decide whether I want to buy my meds from or not. Likewise, I won’t be able to recommend this source to other users, as the chances of running into a scam or getting poor products or services are high.

Generics21 Reviews 2016

In the absence of user reviews, another way to get some perspective on any site is to use the website safety verification services like Legit Script and Scam Advisor.

Reputation Analysis of Generics21 by Legitscript
Reputation Analysis of Generics21 by Legitscript

Legit Script helped me learn that since Generics 21 doesn’t meet the verification standards defined for a legitimate online pharmacy; hence, it has been declared as a rogue pharmacy.

Safety Report of Generics21 by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Generics21 by Scamadviser

On the other hand, Scam Advisor helped me determine that maybe in the USA but can be from Netherlands as well, some ambiguity stays regarding its actual location. Furthermore, Scam Advisor has been unable to determine whether has active buyers or not. Thus, Generics21 has been declared as a risk prone pharmacy.

Generics 21 Coupon Codes

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $99 on Generics 21
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $99 on Generics 21

I discovered that doesn’t offer meds at discounted rates or free samples of meds on purchases. However, it has a shipping discount applicable on purchases over $99. This means that one has to place a bigger order in order to avail this offer. While there is no harm in placing a larger order on your subsequent purchases, I think one should order a limited number of meds when placing a first time order with, so as to reduce potential risks.

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