Has Been Banned… What Does This Mean for You? has been edged out. Its domain now informs visitors that the site has been closed down on the charges of selling counterfeit medicines illegally in the USA. This warrant has been taken out by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) for and hundreds of other websites selling medicines under the Homeland Security Investigations. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

The charges against and others are of their involvement in smuggling counterfeit medicines from foreign countries into the USA and selling them to US-based customers on low prices, thus endangering their health. The punishment this crime is getting jailed for 5-10 years and paying a heavy penalty amounting to $250,000 and $2,000,000.

While government and authorities are making the moves to restrict the movement of counterfeits medicines and sales in the country, it’s also impacting the generic medicine sellers in a negative way. It’s a well-known fact that generic medicines provide a low-cost option to consumers in place of over-priced brand medicines. That’s why big pharmaceutical companies feel threatened by their presence and are often urge the government to ban the sales of generics and create doubts in the minds of the public regarding their effectiveness. Reviews is almost a mysterious site. There is almost nothing that is known about it: where it was working from, its experience in the generic Viagra selling genre, availability of other medicines, discounts, saving schemes, etc. The name is self-explanatory i.e., Generic Viagra Supply was all about generic Viagra and its variants. From a sole web shot, one can see that GenericViagraSupply was carrying different types of endorsement seals, such as the FDA approval seal, Canadian Pharmacies and CIPA approved seals, etc, so as to give authentication to its generic Viagra and its services. Main Page Main Page

Thus, one naturally expects that GenericViagraSupply must have had lots of customers who had confidence in the medicines sold here and its services. Ironically, no written endorsements could be found from customers who would have given us an independent idea of Generic Viagra Supply’s popularity. So the next step is to of course check the reputation of on different authentication sources. However, this search also drew a blank and the only evidence could be found related to GenericViagraSupply was on Scam Advisor and it wasn’t negative at all, surprisingly! According to this authentication source, was an online Canadian pharmacy, with possible ties with the USA. It had a high trust rating and safety score. So it’s not clear why this online pharmacy was shut down by ICE. Trust Rating Trust Rating Summary Information Summary Information Alternatives is history now and won’t be coming back online anytime sooner considering the seriousness of charges against it. So, consumers looking for generic Viagra and other medicines must be contemplating whether it is safe or not to buy generic medicines from online pharmacies. Rest assured! Buying generic medicines online is a complete and legitimate practice; you just need to find the right online medicine vendor for this purpose. Keeping this in view, we have prepared a sizable resource of the most authentic and reliable online drug vendors. Many customers have shopped with them and have given these stores candid assessment. They have everything you need at reasonable prices.

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