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I get what Generic Pharmacy is going for with their name, but I don’t think it has exactly the effect they imagined. Instead of telling us “ is a pharmacy that sells inexpensive generic versions of name-brand pharmaceuticals” it tells us “this is a generic online pharmacy template that upon which we slapped some random information to get you to give us $200 for free.” By now, I assume every one of these sites is a scam, and at first glance this one doesn’t look like there’s going to be any surprises, but we’ll investigate anyways. You never know, can’t just judge a book by its cover.

Okay, I take it back; a quick search around the site reveals that this is definitely going to be a scam. It’s some of the most broken English I’ve seen doing these reviews, and yet it claims to be U.S. based—there is simply no way that’s possible. They also claim to have been around since 2009.

As with most obvious scam websites, they have absolutely everything on offer, FDA-approved. Generic Viagra is priced at $36.00 for 8 pills and generic Cialis is priced at $7.60 for 4 tablets. They accept the major American credits cards: Discover, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

They use two shipping methods: Courier Service, and Standard International Airmail. Prices are supposedly organized by table, but the table listing them is a broken link. They also don’t list the shipping times for the methods, it’s all just vague.

There are a couple of mentions of a “Customer Support Department” sprinkled around the site, but no actual way to get to one. The “Contact Us” button just redirects to their FAQ. I tried to research their refund policy, but the button for “Refund Policy” just redirects to their homepage. It’s just a crazy maze of links, both broken and mislabeled. Reviews:

There were no reviews found anywhere on the site. I couldn’t even find any reviews outside of the site. This, by itself, is reason enough not to buy from a company, even without the endless red-flag generator buried deep in the heart of Sometimes it gives me a heart that there are no external reviews of a site like this, I imagine that maybe it’s so obviously a scam that nobody has ever fallen for it, thus never warranting an angry review telling us the obvious: that the site is a scam. These sites cost money to upkeep (if you can call it that) though, so they must rake in at least some marginal profit somehow. These are dark days, my friend, with sites like this sprouting up in every not monitored corner of the Internet.

Generic Web Pharmacy Reviews 2016:

Further analysis, as it always does, gives us, even more, a reason to stay away from the amusingly-named Scam Advisor, a sword of justice, tells us that the site “May Be Risky,” giving it a “60% safe” rating. Apparently, though the site says it’s U.S.-based, it’s more likely based in India. Surprise, surprise.

In this specific case, I’m not sure we needed Scam Advisor to warn us in advance, but it’s still good to have as much information as possible, even if you’ve already made up your mind. Information is power, after all—maybe that’s why these sites’ scams are all so feeble and transparent. Who do they think they’re fooling?

Genericwebpharmacy Safety Report by Scamadvisor
Genericwebpharmacy Safety Report by Scamadvisor

GenericWebPharmacy Coupon Codes:

In case, for some reason I cannot possibly fathom, you are determined to order from this notably disreputable shop, you might as well save as much money as you can because you’re just flushing it down the toilet anyways.

They offer a “Special Combo Offer” of “10 pills of Generic Viagra” and “10 Pills of Tadalis” for $43, instead of the “Actual Price” of $65. I’m not sure how they determine the “actual price” but I’m not sure this qualifies this as a deal.

Sorry, if looks like if you’re going to buy from them, you’re going to lose as much money as possible.

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