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Very expensive ED treatment drugs have been taking a toll on many. To find a solution for this, I started to look for online pharmacies selling generic brands at cheaper rates. Generika1 seems to be one of those websites.

Generika1 is an online drug store operating since 2011. It has a variety of drugs, both generic and patented brands. Its country of origin is Panama, therefore I found the original website in Spanish. However, just one click, and almost everything was translated to English with Google Translate. On perusing the website, I realized that it is a drug store which specializes in men’s health. All their products are specific for treatment of conditions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and decreased libido. I was quite happy with this, as it would mean they would also have great bargains. I checked the prices of ED drugs and I found that Sildalis, a very popular generic brand of both a combination of Sildenafil and Tadalafil is around $85 for 6 tablets. Furthermore, the more I buy in greater quantities, the more I will actually save money. Though the site does not mention anything about FDA approval.

Then, I went on to check their payment methods, and learned that they accept major debit and credit cards and even Bitcoins. As for the safety and security, I was assured because the site has various awards from its home country on customer’s safety and privacy. I also tried contact them, but they did not advertise any specific number nor had any live chat system. Also, for any queries, I will have to email them. I have done so. However, in their Frequently Asked Question section they do mention that, they will refund everything in case there is no satisfaction. Reviews:

Any website can claim to be a good retailer and trustworthy, but the reliable opinion can be elicited only from actual customers who have ordered from the site. Consequently, I tried looking for customer’s reviews and came up with good feedbacks. Firstly, the website’s own statistics state that they have 5 stars in all departments including products, shipping, customer support and website. However, I wanted real feedbacks so I found this:

One customer, Ute, has given the site good stars and mentions that “ Super kunderservice!!! Product worked very well”. He also recommends the website. Another customer going by pseudonym ‘teacher’ states “ the effect was exact’. Yet another user, Vildan Diler exclaims that the tablets were perfectly packaged and reached him within 7 days.

Despite all this, I was still sceptical, because all positive ratings were from their own website so it might well have been just a publicity stunt. I decided to use the scam advisor to relieve my doubts, since I could not find any authentic reviews on the third party review sites that the seller does not have access to. Customer Rating Statistics Customer Rating Statistics Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Reviews 2016:

The scam advisor stated that the website might be risky and placed it at 52 %. This is quite good actually, because many other sites have low ratings of up to 2% and yet they function very well, without any dishonesty. Also, Generika1 has been in business for quite a few years, if it was a scam, I would have had found some website or blog warning me against it. I did not, which means I can trust Generika1. I also looked for latest reviews from customers and I found this:

Oliver says “ I received the goods properly and very punctual. I am very happy to take a good offer again to complete”. Another user, Dieter says that the delivery was fast and discreet and he was very satisfied with the settlement.

So, I think most customers are satisfied with the service and products of Generika1. I think I will also have no trouble hopefully if I order from this site. Verdict Verdict Review Review Testimonial Testimonial Coupon Codes:

The best thing about buying online is the coupon codes and discount that you get, I tried to find one for Generika1 and came across some coupons. Great! Not only they have coupon codes, but they also have discounts for new customers, of up to 70% and frequent sales. Plus they reduce the price if I buy in bulk. When you suffer from a chronic condition and have to take regular medications for it, the cost is too much to bear. In these cases, reliable websites like Generika1 selling generic products at cheaper rates are a lifesaver.


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