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According to its banner, is the “No.1 online pharmacy”. I actually can’t tell if that’s true considering the number of online pharmacies all claiming to be the “Number 1” pharmacy in the web. I perceived that sells are only medicines for men’s health, as I saw its long list of Men’s health meds on a section of its site.’s office is located in Cyprus, Greece, but it ships from numerous warehouses worldwide.

Products sold by are both from brand-name and generic makers. All the medicines here are guaranteed to be approved by the drug-regulating body, the FDA. The products are approved by the corresponding FDA by the manufacturing countries. I think they offer both types just to satisfy the preferences of the clients.’s products also have a comprehensive drug information section for the clients’ use.

Clients are also able to get the products from without needing to submit any Rx for them, but advises that clients consult their physicians first before ordering any prescription medication from the site. Clients should take much caution when dealing with prescriptions because Rx meds are generally unsafe to self-medicate on. Although gives much freedom to its clients with regards to the Rx meds, clients should be responsible enough to consider their pre-existing medical circumstances before using them.

There aren’t any products on aside from the ED medication. The ED meds here are a lot, and I got confused just looking at the list. There are many variants for the basic ED drug types found on the site—gold, flavored, soft, active, super-active, strong, professional, jellies, and more. Since there were so many, I just looked into the basic famous variants of the ED meds. has the famous Viagra by Pfizer, Levitra by Bayer, and Cialis by Lilly. 12 pills of the 20 mg Cialis cost $106.9, 12 pills of the 20 mg Levitra cost $110.99, and 12 pills of the 100 mg variant of Viagra cost $95.99. Prices for the generic medication are much lower, but these brand-name prices are already cheaper than the prices I was used to, which is great.

Credit card payments are the only ones accepted by Shipping options provided by the site are the Trackable Courier Service and the Unregistered Airmail. The cost of the service with the tracking is $30, while the regular service only costs $10. The maximum wait for all the orders is 30 days; if the products do not arrive in that said period, will reship the products for free or refund the amount in full.

Customer support by includes Live Chat Support (which I was able to try), email support, and call support. Buyers may call the site at its numbers: +1 888 524 7141 (US) and _44 808 189 1420.

Customer Service Support via Live Chat on
Customer Service Support via Live Chat on

Get-Mens-Meds Reviews:

Get-Mens-Meds Reviews
Get-Mens-Meds Reviews

Johnny (34), who was a client of, gave the site a positive review. In his words, he told that he was hesitant at first; for fear that he might get sent counterfeit products. But he ended up being surprised by’s good products and great consumer service.

A client from Chicago, Mike, told in his comment that he was impressed with the site, as he was able to receive products exactly as the ones advertised on the site.

Suzan, another buyer, told that she was able to lose weight with the site’s Acai Berry product. The thing is, does not have any Acai Berry products available, as this site is only dedicated to selling Men’s health products. There are no meds available other than the ED meds products, so it is impossible that this “client” was able to purchase any weight-loss product from Also, aside from being obviously deceptive, these reviews were also found on multiple online stores, and containing the same wordings without edit. This just indicates that isn’t a site to be trusted at all.

Get Mens Meds Reviews 2016:

Get Mens Meds Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Get Mens Meds Trust Rating by Scamadviser

2016 client reviews weren’t available for Get-mens-meds but I was able to check it with a reputable site for safety. Scam Adviser’s rating for Get-mens-meds was 23% and it labeled as a “high-risk” site. According to the analysis result, is just a 1-year-old site, but already has malware reports detected for it, as well as a listing as a Rogue pharmacy. Coupon Codes: indicates a 10% discount on its site, but there wasn’t any follow-up detail regarding the promo. Airmail shipping is free on all orders exceeding the $200 amount. However, there were no available discount coupon codes or voucher codes found on the site.

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