Review – An Inconvenient Drug Store with Incomplete Information Main Page Main Page is an online pharmacy that provides a chance to the customers to buy a broad range of generic medications along with guaranteed shipping to every corner of the world. The store promises that it has very low prices for its drugs and does not compromise the quality of these medications at all, hence, it ensures 100 percent safety of these drugs. Gold Pharma says that all of its medications are manufactured and delivered to the doorsteps of its customers from their European warehouses.

Interested customers can find a long list of all the categories of drugs available for sale on GoldPharma. This list includes both branded as well as generic products. Some of the most popular products available at Gold Pharma are related to men’s health, depression, migraine, allergy, hair loss, skin care, weight loss, stress treatment and a lot more. The drug store has claimed on its website that it provides medicines at reasonable rates which I do not find to be true. Generic Viagra available at Gold Pharma is priced at 15.21 US Dollars for a 25 mg pill, a price which is highly unaffordable.

There is nothing mentioned on the website of regarding the company they use for delivering products to the doorsteps of the customers. The company has provided a list of countries where it delivers the products along with the total number of days it would require for the shipment to reach the customer, which varies from one area to another. The product is, however, said to be delivered sometime between 10 to 30 days of dispatching. No definite shipping charges have been provided as well probably because they also differ according to the area where the parcel needs to be delivered. The customer has to register himself at the website before he could order any medication. Methods specified for paying at Gold Pharma have not been mentioned either. The company has made it even harder to reach it as the clients have to become a member just to contact the company and have their queries sorted out. A telemedical consultation is offered at Gold Pharma for additional charges of 19.24 US Dollars. Reviews

Doldpharma seems very promising when it comes to the review section. The pharmacy seems to be working very efficiently as the customers are very pleased with it. Consumers Report Consumers Report

Deli posted a comment on 13Janary, 2014 in which he gave a 5-star rating to the company and said that “I ordered their medicines several times, never problem with them or the delivery, except one time, when the order did not arrive.” Although it seems a bit strange that the order did not arrive but still Deli was happy with the performance of the company. In the end, he wrote, “Great company”.

Appletonxy also gave a review on 27 September 2011 and gave straight 5 stars to the company, showing that he was happy with the company.

Socs seemed angry with Gold pharma as he gave a 1-star rating on 27 August 2010. He said that he “ordered Report but received a different medication, the company does not respond”.

Just like many other customers, John was happy with Goldpharma and said, “As long as you order only medications prescribed by your doctor, you should be fine using GoldPharma”. He gave a 5-star review to the pharmacy on 16 Feb 2010. Reviews 2016

I was able to find only one review for Goldpharma for the year 2016. Consumers Report 2016 Consumers Report 2016

Safeyshuttle gave a review on 2016-10-03, giving 5-star rating to the vendor and saying, “I have ordered from them many times without incident. They sell pretty much everything. The shipping is quick but does some time, considering they are out of US.” Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

LegitScript did not approve of this pharmacy and reported that the website is rogue so the users should try to abstain from it. Although website seemed good until now, LegitScript report asks the critics to look deep into this pharmacy and understand the risks it keeps hidden. Coupon Codes Discount for Members Discount for Members

Goldpharma did not impress me when it came to the discounts section.

The pharmacy offered 25% off to those who acted as their affiliates and brought them, new customers. An application form was provided through which the interested people can act as their affiliates and enjoy discounts.

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