Gomedstore.com Review – A Company Not To Be Trusted

Home Page of Gomedstore.com
Home Page of Gomedstore.com

If you have been looking for a pharmacy that can ensure both generic and branded medications for your health, and get them delivered to your door step within the shortest time, then you might want to have a look at Gomedstore.com.

Gomedstore.com is the online pharmacy that is providing its customers with the ultimate solution of getting meds since 2009. This company is United States based and provides an extensive health score meds ranging from allergy to cardiovascular, antibiotics to birth control, diabetes to hair care and men’s sexual health to skin care.

All these meds are claimed to be provided with the best prices along with high quality. It is claimed on the website that Gomedstore.com offers up to 80 percent off over the generic medications and up to 40 percent off over the brand name. To check this claim, I navigated to search for the prices of company; Viagra 100 mg tab is available at the price of $2.22 per unit, while a 20 mg Cialis is available at the price of $2.54 per pill. The thing that I get by browsing this site is that, they offer savings over bulk orders. But, as compared to other pharmacies, these prices are not that competitive and I have found many pharmacies that are offering these meds at much cheaper rates.

The company accepts international credit cards for payments including VISA, Master Card and also the customers can pay via Bank Transfers and bitcoin. The shipping methods of your orders include EMS and Standard Airmail shipping with the delivering time of 12 to 16 days for later one and 5 to 9 business days for EMS. The Gomedstore.com is also offering free EMS delivery for the orders summing up over $149. But under $149, it will cost you 18$ for Standard Air Mail Shipping, Non-Trackable (12 – 16 business days) and 32$ for EMS Express Shipping, Trackable (5 – 9 business days).

The company is offering a full refund to the orders that are damaged or not delivered due to some reason, but besides this case, no refund will be offered. In case of any query, the Gomedstore.com is offering only support helpdesk. You need to enter your name, email address, phone number and your query there to get solution. I also submitted my request to get to know about their customer service, but still, I am hoping to get response from them.

Go Med Store Reviews:

Gomedstore.com, on my quick research, found to be a worth trying site, but before making any decision, it is wiser to check the reputation of the company, as there are number of companies which seemed to be decent seller, but in reality they only deceive their customers. So, for this reason, I researched for the customer reviews about Gomedstore.com, as they serve as a great tool in evaluating the company, based on real customer experience.

Although I could not found authentic reviews on any independent reviewing site, the testimonial section of Gomedstore.com provides some of the reviews from customers.

According to the customer named N.Fields, “Took a chance and ordered Modalert (modafinil) 60 x 200mg from onemedstore.com and was pleasantly surprised when it was delivered to me in QLD Australia. I chose the more expensive shipping option so I could keep track of it and made it to my door in 7days from the day I purchased. Great service and product, thanks :)”

Another customer named, P. Murphy commented as, “Excellent work like always Onemedstore! Have always delivered my goods as intended as well as properly packed. The product you send through is always of the highest quality and grade and for that i appreciate your site more and more. Please keep on striving to be the best and helping us all out :)”.

Go Med store Reviews
Go Med store Reviews

These “Happy Customer” reviews are only present on the official website of the company. This means that possibly the company either has modified the reviews of customers or has posted paid reviews in order to make their reputation among the future customers appealing.

GoMedStore Reviews 2016:

As the reviews posted on the official website of Go med store cannot be trusted, so, I made my detailed research to find something more authentic about the company. According to a review that I found online on the pharmacy reviewing website, this Gomedstore.com just works like a scam site and they are reluctant to recommend this company. Moreover, according to Scamadvisor, Gomedsytore.com cannot be fully trusted because of the fact that it has got “70” percent trust score that can be risky for the shopper as the real origin of the website is not known and the probable region of origin, Singapore, is a high risk country.

In addition to this, the Gomedstore.com also had been listed as the rogue website in 2012, according to legitscript.com. so, this website should not be trusted.

Safety Report of Gomedstore
Safety Report of Gomedstore

Gomedstore.com Coupon Codes:

As mentioned, Gomedstore.com is offering the saving over their generic meds up to 80 percent while 40 percent off over the branded meds. Besides this, there are various discounts and special offers over the different products being offered at this company. As being seen in the posted screen shot, there are different discounts over different products and different quantity. If you want to save more out of your money, you have to order your meds in bulk.

Best Deals for Gomedstore.com on the Internet
Best Deals for Gomedstore.com on the Internet

Additionally, this company is also offering a free of cost shipping to all the orders costing over $149.

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