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There are only a few pharmacies claiming years of service in the online pharmacy business and is one of them. It claims to be 7 years in the field and also a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, which only a few stores offer. Based on the information on the site, I found out that’s main office is located in the Czech Republic, and that the site is also a company under Europharm Group, Inc.

If clients are looking for a pharmacy offering both generics and brand-name meds, is probably a good fit since it has both types of medications available on its site. As indicated on the site’s information page, has all of its products approved by the FDA—the Indian FDA in particular. This means that the products’ manufacturers were compliant with the regulations set by the regulating institution. Aside from the quality, clients are also concerned with the provision of the Rx for the meds. Concerning that, does not require clients to submit their prescriptions, even for the Rx meds.

Products available on the store are easy to locate considering the site provided a list of products on its home page. classified its items based on the medical conditions they treat, so clients may be able to locate which drugs are applicable to them. Since the list made it easy for me to locate the products I’m looking for, I found ED products easily. There were ED meds from well-known manufacturers and there were also generic medications from various accredited manufacturers worldwide.

The prices of these ED meds are made affordable by for its clients. I checked the branded ED meds and saw that asks for $66.35 for 12 pills of the 100 mg Viagra (Pfizer) and $70.84 for 12 pills of Cialis (Lilly). These products are usually more expensive when bought locally, so I think’s deals for them are actually great. Clients may pay for these meds (and any other product from the site) by Bitcoin, MasterCard, and Visa payments.

After clients are able to pay for the products, will ship the items (within 24-48) hours via the client’s courier choice. Clients can either choose to ship via Airmail ($15, 10-21 days) or Traceable delivery ($29.95, 5-9 days). In case the items do not arrive on the specified dates, the buyers are advised to contact the site’s support to help resolve the setback. There were no fixed solutions for the problems regarding delivery, but said that its team will address the concerns laid out by the clients.

Clients can reach using the contact form found on the site and by using these contact details:


Sokolovska 131/86

186 00 Praha 8 – Karlin

Czech Republic


For US clients: +1-800-7155341

For EU clients: +44-203-3185981

Good-Drugs Reviews:

Good-Drugs Reviews
Good-Drugs Reviews

I found it nice to see clients giving positive feedbacks for and most of them were either 5 or 4 stars out of 5. Clients basically thanked the site because they were able to receive their orders, like the clients Tristan Corring, Paul Geasley, and John Collins.

Mohammed Farooq also thanked the site for sending him his orders and appreciated the site’s support team due for their help. Mohammed gave the 4/5 stars but did not disclose the details why he left out a star for

Honestly, I have seen these reviews numerous times online; they were actually used repeatedly from one site to another. Maybe the sites having these same reviews are related, but still, it’s not an excuse for to have reviews identical to other sites’ reviews. could have easily had its own reviews if indeed it’s a real site selling real products to clients looking for medications online.

Good Drugs Reviews 2016:

Good Drugs Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Good Drugs Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Since I was unable to locate reviews for from any source on the web (particularly third-party review sites), I tried checking its status on’s database. It was unexpected that gave a very low rating—it was given 0/100 for the trust rating. Having a low trust rating makes me skeptical on the site’s ability to fulfill orders; it may be a scam site based on its low rating.

Not only was the site rated 0% safe by Scam Adviser, it was also detected to have a “rogue” status, even if it’s just about 260+ days old. Its age also did not match with the site’s claim of 7 years of service, indicating bad credibility on’s part. Since this was the result, I am now sure that this site isn’t one I plan to recommend to my peers. Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $300 on
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $300 on

Like any other online pharmacy, did not have coupons offered for its clients to use. At least, this drug shop offers free ED pills on every client order and that’s a good thing, as clients are literally drawn to all things “free”. Free shipping is also available, but for orders above $200 only. Airmail shipping is free for $200.01 orders and above and EMS shipping is free for clients with orders of $300.01 and above.

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