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I want to review now as a next online pharmacy for ED medications that should be reasonable and reliable from all aspects.

Grant Pharmacy looks captivating when I have opened it by detailing all information needed for an online pharmacy to work. It is claiming itself distinguish online pharmacy with a purpose of providing authenticated prescription and OTC medications to the whole world. Live happily, live healthily and live long are their main statements on the home page. It has been operational since June 2006 and is located in the USA as stated in its “about us” section. Grant Pharmacy is providing medications for men’s health, women’s health, antibiotics, anti-viral, anti-allergic, antifungal, hair loss, asthma, contraception, blood pressure, CVS, cancer, diabetes, eye drops, mental illness, motion sickness, skin care and male enhancement supplements. The prices of the Viagra are very low; a pill of 100mg goes for $0.81 on the lower side while a pill of 10mg of Cialis goes for $1.01. They claim to deal with FDA only approved medications.

Payment methods used are credit or debit cards while shipping can be done either through EMS which takes between 7-10 days or Airmail which takes approximately 10-18 days to reach but sometimes the order might take fewer days of approximately 5-7 days. Airmail free shipping is offered only to USA customers. The shipment cost for both types of shipping methods depends on the country of order and method chosen for delivery.

Grant Pharmacy has a customer service platform in which they have provided a toll-free line, an email address and also a free chat platform. I checked the live chat customer service by asking a few questions. I was little worried about the quality of products and assurance of delivery. Although it is providing delivery guarantee but it is not giving satisfaction guarantee. The refund policy applies if the shipment delayed, the client was charged twice, or the goods were damaged.

Customer Service Support via Live Chat on Grant Pharmacy
Customer Service Support via Live Chat on Grant Pharmacy Reviews:

I consider customer reviews are more than crucial while deciding about any online pharmacy. Customer reviews can give an exact and real picture of online pharmacy. There are multiple statements about each claim of an online store that can only be proven through these reviews. Customer’s feedback can be taken as an assessment tool for the further selections.

The reviews made on Grant Pharmacy are very few, therefore they are not giving the potential customers the real picture concerning the store. Another surprising thing is that all reviews are positive and everyone has almost the same experience? Well, maybe.

Roy Warren writes that “there is hardly any site that sticks to the guarantees and policies” and that “when he ordered Viagra professional he thought he would get a fake product.” We sell genuine products that are pocket-friendly. Such a review automatically pulls customer to a store where they can get genuine products.

Sam Miller from “CA” writes that “he is so happy” which is a good expression “he ordered for the Viagra and upon taking the medication for some days, he got 100% satisfaction”. Those words are enough to make one dump the Viagra he is using and go for those sold in Grant Pharmacy.

At this bit also there is a challenge of not stating the location of Roy Warren and not him alone other reviewers have also not stated their location so we can’t be sure if they are genuine. Also, the reviews posted website portrays a situation that looks compromised. Reviews Reviews

There is only one testimonial from the seller’s website by Daniel Christiano from LA who had written that “Purchasing drugs was never that easy” that he learned when he went online and made an order for Viagra. He further says “getting it delivered at home freely at affordable prices is an ethereal experience.”

A testimonial which looks conceded and the lack of testimonials on independent websites creates a podium for suspicion for this vendor’s reliability. Reviews 2016:

After visiting previous reviews I have decided to visit the reviews posted in 2016. Because I want to purchase a product now so I should know the current position of this online pharmacy in the market. But I have not received even a single customer review for the year 2016 that points toward unknown reputation and performance of this service.

I have checked its credibility through scam advisor website that is an authentic source to check the reliability of an online pharmacy. Upon viewing the site on Scam Adviser, I see that they have been given Low Trust Rating and may not be safe to use as it is highly risky. Apart from having 0% trustworthiness, it is at this point that we realize it’s a Russian Federation based while initially, we saw it’s located in the US.

So if you are reading this review don’t even risk your money in purchasing any product from this site for the credibility is something to question about. It’s better you purchase from a site whose rating is high. Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Grantpharmacy Scam Analysis by Scamadviser Coupon Codes:

Discounts or sales are somewhat attractive for all customers including me because I am in search of a reasonable source of my ED medications. I have not found any discount coupon code however official website is offering following services:

  • Free airmail shipping throughout the USA
  • Refund policy for wrong and defective product or FDA unapproved product.

Free Airmail Shipping anywhere in the USA sounds like a very captivating deal but come to think of it; they have been given a 0% rating on their credibility so the same might apply to this offer, and it might be spam as well.

That not being enough, the e-pharmacy still claims that they give a money policy which guarantees the client a 100% money back if he receives the wrong products, the products are damaged or are not approved by FDA. At this point, there is some form of contradiction because from their site they claim to deal with FDA Approved medications so I don’t get how they can deliver medications that don’t conform to those standards

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