Healthcare-24× Review – A Rogue Online Drug Store To Be Avoided at All Costs!

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Front Page of Healthcare-24×

Since trademarked Viagra and other reputable ED products cost an arm and leg (the wholesale price of a single 100 mg Viagra tablet is $22!), I am ever on the lookout for reliable stores selling generic Viagra and other major ED drugs. I recently visited Healthcare-24× and wanted to share my findings with those in search of affordable ED solutions. Here is what I discovered.

The site is almost mysterious. In the About Us section, I could discover NOTHING about the origins and background of this online drug store, besides a small nugget of information that the seller has been selling products online for the past 7 years. But that was it. My search for this information elsewhere on the site also drew a blank. The About Us section contained tidbits like the effectiveness of the product, secure payments, fast delivery, money back guarantee, and etcetera. This raised a huge red flag for me right away. It seems these people had no idea what kind of information the About Us section should contain.

Healthcare 24/7 has a bevy of drugs available for almost all major to minor health problems, such as heart disease, cholesterol lowering, blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, and depression to allergies, hair loss, pain relief, birth control, etc. However, the main star of the site is undoubtedly ED products, as featured in the top most tabs in the sidebar as well as the promotional banner of the site.

Viagra costs $.35 (per pill) on the outset, but prices in the shopping cart turned out to be $3.66 (per pill) and $36.57 (for 10 pills). On the other hand, Viagra Professional costs $.69 (per pill) on the outset, but prices in the shopping cart turned out to be $5.45 (per pill) and $54.45 (for 10 pills). This huge contradiction in prices is beyond me. Likewise, Cialis cost $0.77 (per pill) but turned out to be $3.75 (per pill) and $37.46 (for 10 pills). Other well known ED drugs are Levitra, and some other names like Nizagara, Silagra, Zenegra, Kamagra, etc. There are variants for most of the ED drugs under curious names like Viagra Super Active, Extra Super Viagra, etc. Prices are almost in the same range that other stores are following.

When I went through the FAQs, I could find that the drugs being sold in this store have the INDIAN FDA approval for export.  The accepted payment methods are Visa, AmEx, and E-Checks. The site also assures the prospective customers of the security of their credit cards through following the security encryption technology.

The store has two shipping methods: EMS shipping (with a delivery time of 5-7 days approx.) and Registered Airmail (with a delivery time of 2-4 weeks approx). Delivery of meds is offered worldwide. The next thing I paid attention to was the Customer Support interface. I found it a tad bit curious that an online store the name of which is Healthcare-24×7 doesn’t offer a live support option. I used the online form to email a query and got this reply: “YOUR MESSAGE WAS SENT. WE WILL REPLY WITHIN 24H.”I am still waiting and will update you in case I get to hear from someone at their end. The phone numbers available on the site are: US: +1 – 800 – 490- 06-18, EU: +4420 – 4901 – 5906. No Toll-free numbers seemed to be available, so I couldn’t dare make a call.

The next important consideration was to check if this store offers a refund policy in case something goes wrong (which usually happens with international shipments). Besides a “money back guaranteed” button in the sidebar, I discovered that the store offers a refund in case the order gets damaged or goes missing. The rest of the information was to be read from the policies section, but all I could find there was “…or just call our support team and we will immediately find a solution to rectify the situation!” As a prospective buyer of an ED product, this vague promise wasn’t much reassuring.

Healthcare-24×7 Reviews:

My next step was to find out what the customers of this online store think about its products and services. There is a separate Testimonials page. It was strange that all the reviews were recent, i.e., from 2015, despite the store’s claim to be around since 7 years. Also, all ratings had 4-5 stars instead of a mixed bag of reviews. Suspicious…

Eliot Wilson was a returning customer who placed his 2nd order on 18.5.2015 and is overall satisfied with the ordered product and price is happy to recommend this store to those who are looking for something similar. He says: “I got my package. I’ve done business with you in the past, and I recommend you to anyone who wants a fair deal on medical supplies. Too bad you guys don’t sell insulin.”

Other customers seem to be sharing similar views more or less. Zak Dishmon received his order around 22.4. 2015 and was satisfied with the delivery time and the product itself:“Received delivery and pleased by time and product.”

However, this particular review stood out from the rest. The customer, Mohammad Farooq, has ordered a product in 27. 6. 2015 and says: “thank you and other staff members of Canadian pharmacy for your continuous coordination and support for customers. I really appreciate the services of your pharmacy.” Now I don’t know what this store has to do with staff members of Canadian pharmacy and what is the connection between them. Is it possible that Healthcare 24×7 is also operating under the guise of another site perhaps?

Healthcare-24x7 Reviews
Healthcare-24×7 Reviews

A quick search online of coping names and text revealed that the same reviews existed verbatim on other sites such as and This evidence fed my initial suspicion that the site is fake and is trying to sell the same products through different platforms. By chance, I stumbled upon a Reddit thread where a prospective but suspicious customer was found to be asking the same question. This person was trying to find a Retin-A cream instead of ED medicine and kept on getting redirected to this site but was suspicious of the unusually low prices of the product and the ‘made up’ quality of the testimonials.

Healthcare-24x7 Reviews
Healthcare-24×7 Reviews

Health Care 24 x 7 Reviews 2016:

My next stop was, of course, Scam Advisor to confirm my suspicions and here is what I discovered:

The site is 65% safe, but Scam Advisor still advises customers to use their discretion as the site is US based but is more likely to be operating from India, and more oddly, carrying a European Pharmacy logo with a flag and a Czech Republic address. Seems like way too many countries are involved in this ED store for my comfort.

Scamadviser Report on Health Care 24 x 7
Scamadviser Report on Health Care 24 x 7

Healthcare-24× Coupon Codes:

Coupon codes and seasonal deals, bonuses and discount codes are excellent ways to save money on your favored ED meds and elsewhere too. The site had seemingly some good discounted offers such as:

  • Discounted bundle purchase offer in the store’s promotional banner.
  • The offer of 2 free ED pills with every order.
  • And free shipping on orders exceeding $200 and onwards.

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