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Immediately I must admit, HealthMartIndia is unlike any of the other sites I’ve reviewed. This is clearly an Indian website—all the prices are in rupees. The other big difference is that this one doesn’t immediately scream “I’m a scam!” upon first glance. I’m not sure I’ll find the ED medication I’m looking for here, but I’ll give it a spin and do the full review for good measure.

The company’s main goal, according to their “About Me” page, is to “bring you the advantage of side-effect-free health care and herbal treatment.” They’re based in North India, it looks like since probably 2008. There’s a touch of professionalism in the about me section that is lacking on similar sites, namely that it’s not written in broken English, which is maybe a tad ironic because it’s an Indian website.

Their main assortment of medications/remedies is interesting to mention. You’re not going to find Viagra or Cialis here, it’s mainly catered to herbal remedies and a bunch of different products that I have no experience with—because they’re Indian. It looks like their top seller in the amusingly named “Diseases of the Males” section, is a product called Goli Nawab Ali Shah, designed for basically the same purpose as your traditional ED pharmaceuticals. It is selling currently for 540 Rupees (~$8.13) for 10 pills. For a price like that, and claiming to be “side effect free,” it might be worth a try, though I can’t personally vouch for it at all. They do not carry any products approved by the FDA, as it’s an Indian organization.

Payment looks like it’s primarily through online banking (I can’t determine if it’s just Indian banks here) or an eCheck, so is probably difficult to pay.

I couldn’t find much out about shipping, unfortunately, as when I put in my shipping information (in the U.S.) it gave me the option of using “one of [their] leading courier services,” but it appears that the shipping method is “currently unavailable” and their shipping section doesn’t actually detail which method they use, as I get the feeling they use different methods depending on the user’s location. shipping availabilty shipping availabilty

This gave me a good opportunity to try their customer service, which is a Live Chat, with a link that appears to not work—nothing happens when I click it. There’s also an online form submission, and I sent it in, but I haven’t yet received a reply yet. It looks like their refund policy is basically just contacting customer service, and then resolving it on a case-by-case basis.

Health Mart India Reviews:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any reviews of HealthMartIndia, and while usually this would be a telltale sign of a scam site, I have good news for anyone wanting to take a chance on these Indian remedies.

Scam Analyze lists the site as “SAFE,” as it’s not currently listed as suspicious. Although, the site does not utilize HTTP Secure, which encrypts communications, but that’s actually still fairly common, and not a very good indicator of scam status.

Again, no reviews though, anywhere (at least in English, I’m not searching the Indian web), so you’re venturing out into unknown territory by buying from them. But then again, all their products are so cheap, you probably don’t have a lot to lose if you do manage to get a hold of the customer service.

Is safe?
Is safe?

HealthmartIndia Reviews 2016:

Further investigation gives more good news. The reputable Scam Advisor gives the site a “High Trust Rating” of “97% Safe,” which basically guarantees it’s not a scam. So I think this one’s safe, folks, finally—though it still might not be what I am looking for.

It also looks like the site is “rarely visited,” though I’m not sure if that just applies to American IPs visiting the site or not—either way, truly uncharted territory for the American market. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a few gems if you manage to get the shipping to work for you. All the options here are definitely inexpensive, but you never know with herbals—I don’t usually trust them, myself, but I wouldn’t go so far as to ever call them scams. Different things work for different people. Trust Rating Trust Rating Coupon Codes:

There is a “Deal of the Week” section of the website, with a couple of discounts, but I’m unable to read them, because they’re not in English like the rest of the site. One of them is, though, and it seems to offer up to 25% off on all products with the coupon code “azaadi2016.” Unfortunately, it looks like the coupon was only valid until the 30th of August 2016 (still might be worth a try though). Weekly Offers Weekly Offers
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