Hexameds.com Review – Risky Site with Banned Substances and Outrageous Shipping Rates

Home of Hexameds.com
Home of Hexameds.com

The first thing I noticed about Hexameds.com was that it sells a lot of restricted substances aside from steroids. It has narcotic meds and even had Ketamine (horse tranquilizer), which is a class B banned substance. As a typical steroid site goes, there was no information on the site regarding its business details. No addresses, no phone numbers, no email addresses were given out by the site to its clients.

There was also no information regarding Hexameds.com’s products. No claims like “authentic”, “quality”, or “approved” were indicated anywhere on the site, and there was no FAQ section to discuss how the drugs were sourced. So basically everything’s a gray area. As there was no site, product, or manufacturer info, there was also no prescription policy for the items sold by the site. Well, I don’t think any doctor in his right mind would issue a prescription for Ketamine, anyway. This site has a large potential for abuse given its products and its lenience towards dispensing these habit-forming/addictive drugs.

Aside from steroids and banned drugs, Hexameds.com also sells a few other meds like Anti-Diabetics, Pain Relievers, Sexual Health meds, Weight loss meds, and a few other generic medications. For its ED meds, Hexameds.com has a large selection available as it has a number of generic ED meds and the branded ones as well. Hexameds.com sells Viagra (Pfizer) for $6 for a 4-pill blister of the 100 mg. Cialis (Lilly), too, is available and is sold for $3 for the 2-pill blister (20 mg). I actually find the prices super low, and I think lower than most of the online shop prices I’ve seen.

I was surprised at the amount Hexameds.com charges for its items. Shipping by EMS Pakistan is charged $90 and shipping from the Philippines is $240, which are actually outrageous prices for the shipping cost. Shipping usually costs only at least $20 via EMS and those charges are rip-off prices for clients. As for the payments, Hexameds.com accepts remittance payments only. The site does not accept Paypal or Credit Card payments.

Transit time usually takes 3-6 days for USA/UK shipping and 7-10 days worldwide. If in case the items get seized, the site will reship the orders, provided that the clients send in a scanned customs seizure letter. Damaged items are also replaced too, as long as the photos of the damaged items are sent to Hexameds.com’s support team. Hexameds.com may only be reached using the site’s live chat (if available) and by sending email inquiries to [email protected]

Hexameds.com Reviews:

Reviews are essential so I tried searching for client reviews for Hexameds.com from the web. I was unlucky, I guess, because I was unable to find anything referring to Hexameds.com or its service anywhere, even on review sites. I would have liked to find a number of reviews for it on reputable sites, to see whether the site is able to fulfill orders properly.

Hexameds Reviews 2016:

Hexameds Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Hexameds Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

The data for Hexameds.com from Scam Adviser was unimpressive as it was rated “suspicious” based on the analysis. The site was labeled “rogue” and also detected operating from a high-risk country. Its trust rating was only set at 50% and I don’t think that a 50% rating for safety is enough assurance to order from a site (especially one with a rogue rating).

Hexameds Coupon Codes:

Coupon Codes for Using on Hexameds
Coupon Codes for Using on Hexameds

Hexameds.com offers its clients 10% off on their purchase by using the code K30GE703AW during check out. Aside from that offer, there were no other offers from the site. But what the site should offer (I think) is discounts for its exorbitant (and rip-off) shipping rates.

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