Hongkong-Rx.com Review – A Hong-Kong Pharmacy Hiding Its Location!

Main Page of Hongkong-Rx.com
Main Page of Hongkong-Rx.com

Hongkong-rx.com is a virtual pharmacy which aids its clients in fighting Erectile Dysfunction. Hongkong-rx.com is, actually, not situated in Hong Kong; it is located in Cyprus, Greece, which I find rather amusing, as I have expected it to come from Hong Kong as implied by the site’s name. Hongkong-rx.com deals only with ED meds, offering both the brand-name and generic variants for the drugs. Also, this company started in 2013, which gives it about 3 years of experience in selling meds for ED.

One of the marketing ploys of Hongkong-rx.com includes stating that clients are not required to submit prescriptions before being able to order from this site. Well, that may be effective, as ED clients are actually having trouble going to GPs due to embarrassment on their condition. A no-Rx ED store might really work for the general ED smitten population. But even if this is the case, it is better if clients make sure they are compatible with the ED meds they are going to order, not only from Hongkong-rx.com but to all online pharmacies they wish to order from. That is if they want to prevent incidences of adverse drug interactions.

According to the information provided at Hongkong-rx.com, all the medicines available on its site are FDA-approved, and there are no exceptions; even the generic pills are FDA-approved, and by the Indian FDA. These generic meds are sourced directly from India, and only from state-licensed drug makers, so clients are assured of the quality of the medications. Between generics and brand-name meds, most prefer generics as they are as effective as and cheaper than the brand-name medications. The only obvious difference between these drugs is the appearance, as the brand-name meds look and name are usually patented, so generics can’t look or be named the same for the fear or copyright infringement.

One of the things that I did not like about Hongkong-rx.com is its product list; the items were arbitrarily arranged, and there was no search function. The search capability would have been useful, as I found it hard to browse the products for the ones I am particularly interested in. Through laborious work, I was able to find “brand Cialis”, “brand Levitra”, and “brand Viagra” in Hongkong-rx.com’s price list. I just did not know what this site meant about the “brand” thing; I checked the product listing and saw Cialis by Lilly’s photo, but there was no mention regarding this Tadalafil drug being manufactured by Lilly. The price, though, was priced $85.44 for 12 pills. The same can be said for the “brand Viagra” and the “brand Levitra” regarding the absence of the manufacturer info for the drugs. Prices for these items are $95.64 for 12 pieces of Viagra and $89.04 for 12 pills for Levitra.

Hongkong-rx.com takes payments from Visa and MasterCard credit cards and uses 256-bit SSL encryption. As for the shipping methods, Hongkong-rx.com uses Airmail Service and Trackable service to ship its clients’ orders. Airmail service costs $10 and Trackable service costs $30.

Indicated in Hongkong-rx.com’s policy was the action that it will take for non-delivered orders, and according to the policy, Hongkong-rx.com will reship or refund the payments for non-delivered, damaged, or incomplete orders. Regarding other topics, clients are advised to contact support; online chat support is available for its clients. Buyers can send e-mails to the site by using the message box allotted, or they can call these numbers: +1-800-109-585, For UK +44 808-189-1420, and for USA +1-888-524-71-41.

Customer Service Support via Live Chat on Hongkong-Rx.com
Customer Service Support via Live Chat on Hongkong-Rx.com

Hongkong-Rx Reviews:

This 3-year old site did not have any client reviews anywhere on the web. I have not found third-party sites with reviews from clients in them. Since these reviews weren’t around, I can’t tell whether this site is good to order from or not. Reviews are essential for the prospective clients to be able to assess a site’s service from other clients’ perspective.

Hongkong Rx Reviews 2016:

Hongkong Rx Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Hongkong Rx Trust Rating by Scamadviser

As for the result given by Scam Adviser for Hongkong-Rx.com, the site was given only 0% out of the possible 100. This result isn’t good at all because it speaks about the security status of the site. And as a client, I won’t be entrusting my money in a site without any credibility when it comes to safety.

Also, Hongkong-Rx.com was listed as a Rogue pharmacy since February 2014 and it was also linked to a number of suspicious websites. Seeing this result, made me doubt and made a choice to stay away from this site.

Hongkong-Rx.com Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on Hongkong-Rx.com
Free Airmail Delivery on Hongkong-Rx.com

No coupon codes/voucher codes were available for the clients of Hongkong-Rx.com, but it is offering free shipping on orders above $200. Also, clients are given free pills on each order. Clients have the liberty to choose which freebie works for them.

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