Hot Canadian Pharmacy – Many Complaints and Security Concerns

Hot Canadian Pharmacy is another network of web pharmacies. This pharmacy network only exists in two websites, though, and Other network pharmacies, on the other hand, have much more online pharmacies listed under them.

In case you have no idea what “network pharmacies” such as Hot Canadian Pharmacy are, these are a group of similar-looking internet pharmacies operating under one company. Identical website templates are one of the trademarks of online pharmacy networks; however, some members of the online pharmacy networks have different website templates but have similar contents. Data such as product lists, product prices, policies, and others are often the same across web pharmacies.

Most of the internet pharmacy networks are legally operating, but their mere existence threatens the safety of the consumers, as web pharmacies affiliated with pharmacy networks are easily copied by scammers. These scam operators pretend to be affiliates of pharmacy networks and end up taking the buyers’ money. Often, it is hard to tell the scam sites and the real sites apart, and this presents a huge problem for the consumers in the long run.

Hot Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

I searched for reviews mentioning any Hot Canadian Pharmacy website, but there were no web reviews available for the online pharmacy network. Because of the lack of reviews for the Hot Canadian Pharmacy network, I tried manually searching for web reports for its two known sites, the and

Hot Canadian Pharmacy Website Summary
Hot Canadian Pharmacy Website Summary

Using Scam Adviser, I analyzed the domain and discovered that the website is now offline. Despite the non-functional status of the web pharmacy, Scam Adviser was still able to determine that the former Hot Canadian Pharmacy website was reported to send malware to its consumers. The overall trust score for the website was 3 years and the website was identified in France, although its owner was located in Russia.

Hot Canadian Pharmacy Safety Level
Hot Canadian Pharmacy Safety Level

I also assessed the same website using another platform, The overall rating for the domain was only 0 out of 100 points, and the assessing platform advised that consumers stay away from the website.

Also, according to more details presented by the, the website did not own an SSL certificate, one mandatory security feature for all selling platforms. Although determined that Google has not yet reported the domain as unsafe, it still cautioned buyers that the site is potentially unsafe.

Hot Canadian Pharmacy Online

I was able to identify two websites belonging to the Hot Canadian Pharmacy network, the sites and However, despite the store domains containing the name of the pharmacy network, both shops had the store name “Buy Safe Meds”:

Hot Canadian Pharmacy ( Home Page
Hot Canadian Pharmacy ( Home Page

Between the two websites, the only one online was the domain This Hot Canadian Pharmacy platform appears to be an informational website with reviews for various drugs and online pharmacies and is not an actual online pharmacy for medications.

The platform only provided comprehensive information concerning various medicines such as blood pressure meds, erectile dysfunction meds, heart meds, herpes treatments, mental illness medications, and others. The site, however, linked the buyers to the store Canada Drugs Online ( in case they wanted to purchase medications.

Hot Canadian Pharmacy ( Home Page From Webarchive
Hot Canadian Pharmacy ( Home Page From Webarchive

The other website, though,, is currently inaccessible. I was only able to come across the site using the web archives—the domain has information for its past service on the web archive (from 2014 to 2017). The web does not clearly state why the shop closed, but it may be an issue concerning domain registry expiration, which is common to online pharmacy websites.

This site, though, was identical to the other Hot Canadian Pharmacy site—they both are review websites containing articles about online pharmacies and medications. Like the typical pharmacy networks, the platforms looked alike and offered verbatim copies of each other’s content.

Hot Canadian Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Since both platforms were online review websites, none of them offered coupon codes and discount deals for their visitors. The store where the Hot Canadian Pharmacy platforms redirected to was also unable to offer discount deals for its consumers, save for the typical decreasing per-pill prices for the products available.

Hot Canadian Pharmacy Numbers

There were no phone numbers posted on either Hot Canadian Pharmacy website, but I was able to identify phone numbers for the two Hot Canadian Pharmacy platforms using Scam Adviser:



There were two different phone numbers showcased on the analysis reports of the two platforms. The numbers were from different countries too—the number was from Russia, while the other site’s number was from Andorra.

Hot Canadian Pharmacy Spam

It was a relief that no consumer complaints were directed at Hot Canadian Pharmacy websites. But instead of settling for the “no complaint” status for both Hot Canadian Pharmacy websites, I analyzed both domains using reliable third party platforms to unearth more details concerning their services.

Hot Canadian Pharmacy Safety Information
Hot Canadian Pharmacy Safety Information

According to the web analysis for, the website does not own an SSL certificate and was set-up in a high-risk country. Because of these and other concerns, advised consumers to stay out of the shop’s way.

Hot Canadian Pharmacy Website Threats
Hot Canadian Pharmacy Website Threats

The result for the other website,, was also poor—Scam Adviser gave an overall trust score of 58 out of 100 for this online platform and identified that it was only nearly two years old.

Scam Adviser identified malware reports for this web pharmacy and also determined that the technical contact addresses for this website were only free (this was considered unprofessional for pharmacy platforms). Although no complaints were detected for this site, Scam Adviser cautions consumers against the use of this platform.

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