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Whoever told conning people of their money is as simple as setting up languid website, sitting down and relaxing as the bank account overflows, had better known that there are some stingy people out there, like me, not willing to let go off even a single dollar without a fight. A mere look at the site only illustrates the highest level of vacuous minds existing in this world.

The orphaned store claims that it has been providing their services for more than 10 years. But take this to the bank that’s not the case. With a site that does not reveal their location, I bet when disrobed in public a lot more would be on the table. deals with a wide array of drugs. I am specifically interested in ED drugs. They include Anti – Anxiety, Pain Relief, Sleeping Aids, Weight Loss, and Anti-Depressants. Their prices are exorbitantly low to be true. Levitra sells at $ 197 for 60 pills. Cialis at $320 for 50 pills. It’s been awhile since I saw branded ED drugs selling so cheap. Cheap is the most expensive thing you can buy. The payment method that are acceptable on the site are 3 and these are Echeck, Western Union, and Visa.

They use EMS or USPS as their shipping method at an additional cost of $29 for the regular and $32 for insured shipping. This was confirmed by the customer care representative through the live chat.

Customer Service Support via Live Chat on
Customer Service Support via Live Chat on

Their refund policy neither goes well with me. They don’t accept any returned medicine citing federal laws. That means there is a possibility of me losing my money.

Their customer service includes a telephone number +1-800-865-1531. I called the phone number and they tried to explain everything but I am not falling for them.

Hotpillsonline Reviews:

On the local testimonial page I couldn’t help but laugh. The reviews posted on were fake and manipulative. They were synonymous in many other sites and only meant to decoy latent victims.

For example, Lori from the USA said, “Awesome experience, fast shipping and great customer service”. Jay from USA post said, “The product is a very good generic version” I bet that’s a lie.

Jennifer from Virginia posted, “I have been purchasing from your website for over 3 years now. Your staff, customer service and service is impeccable. Jennifer, you have a nice name to be a liar!

This is the biggest red flag for me. Any site posting fake reviews deserves to be locked in a box, the keys to the box thrown away in the outermost part of the Pacific Ocean. In this case, is not an exception, it is an outright scam. So, stay away.

Hotpillsonline Reviews
Hotpillsonline Reviews Reviews 2016: confirms my strong suspicion on the queer nature of the site. It gives a “low rating trust” with an explicit discovery that the site is Seychelles, but the real location is hidden. What a combination!

In addition to having fake reviews, this revelation adds salt to the injury. I have to leave it at this point as the old sayings go “who have eyes let them see”. Trust Rating by Scamadviser Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Hot Pills Online Coupon Codes:

In order for me to access the information about the discounts, I have to register on the online portal and I didn’t want to give my information out to such a site, and so the details are a bit ambiguous but basically they state that;

On orders above $250, I will get 25% bonus pills and 50% off shipping. Who needs the offer anyway?

Free Pills Offer on Hot Pills Online
Free Pills Offer on Hot Pills Online
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