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Hqpharmaceutical.com Design
Hqpharmaceutical.com Design

Sometimes, when I see another trashy storefront like the one at “hqpharmaceutical.com”—no real title, just the domain name, I think I might go insane. I am so tired of these transparent scams; I mean, if you’re going to try to steal my money anyways, could you at least make it difficult for me to figure it out first? I’m almost personally insulted by the quality of most of these scams—how dumb and desperate do they think guys with ED are?

Location-wise, the site gives absolutely no information, leaving us to determine it from the broken English littering its ugly surface. Well, that and Scam Advisor, which says that it’s mostly likely based in Brazil.

They carry pretty much exclusively FDA-approved ED medications. They’re selling Cialis for $67.50 for 30 pills, and Viagra for $44.40 for 30 pills. For payment, they accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

All the information on shipping I could find under the “Shipping” section of the FAQ is that “The shipping rates may vary depending on the shipping option you choose.”

For customer service, hey have two phone numbers (listed in low-resolution at the top of the page) and a contact form. I filled out the contact form and sent in a customer service request, but have yet to receive a response after some time—I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s probably typical.

Refund policy I’m almost positive I’ve seen verbatim from another page just says that if you don’t receive the order or it’s damaged they’ll resend it or refund it. Of course they will.

Hqpharmaceutical.com Reviews:

At least this site gives the minimum amount of effort to try and trick me with phony testimonials.

Jerry from Munich writes that he and his wife “were at the edge of divorce when [he] decided to try [Viagra]” and goes on to say that it’s miraculously saved his sex life. However, he declines to mention anything whatsoever about hqpharmaceutical.com.

Calvin from Dallas writes that “A feel alive again!” which, of course, doesn’t really mean anything. The phrase “Viagra saved me!” does, though, and while certainly a positive statement about Viagra, it’s not Viagra that needs credibility—it’s been around awhile—but this website.

You can generally assume that “testimonials” are B.S., but in this case, they have the added benefit of having come copy and pasted from at least one other e-pharmacy. So, double B.S. Aren’t you glad you have me to tell you these things?

Hqpharmaceutical.com Reviews
Hqpharmaceutical.com Reviews


HQ Pharmaceutical Reviews 2016:

Just for kicks, let’s look at a few more of these fake testimonials.

Peter Hans at least bothers to mention to website—though not by name, mind—and says that he was “satisfied with quality of products and service.” He goes on to say that the (nonexistent) “On line chat was helpful” and that he gives “No blames” whatever that means in the context of a positive review.

Brandon Van Belle from Belgium—what an international clientele this website boasts!—also writes about the nonexistent online chat, saying that he disconnected because he “wanted to hear human voice and talk with somebody more competent.” He says his credit card was declined but he still wants to figure out how to order.

I’ve seen both these testimonials before, and I find the second one to be the strangest of the ones that circulate from scam to scam. What are they trying to show here? A vaguely negative experience to make the reviews seem more legitimate? But it’s complete nonsense…I suppose that’s what you get with non-native English speakers trying to scam English natives.

Scam Advisor gives hqpharmaceutical.com a “Low Trust Rating,” putting it at “0% Safe.” So that basically closes the case on that one.

HQ Pharmaceutical Reviews 2016
HQ Pharmaceutical Reviews 2016


HQ Pharmaceutical Trust Rating by Scamadvsior
HQ Pharmaceutical Trust Rating by Scamadvsior


Hqpharmaceutical Coupon Codes:

If you’re going to blow your money on an obvious scam for kicks, you might as well safe a few bucks anyways, right? Something like that. Anyways, I found out that, despite there being no information about it whatsoever on the site, they offer free “Regular shipping” on all orders.

Also, for repeat customers (has there ever been one?) they offer 10% off or 4 free 100mg generic Viagra pills as a gift.

I’ve seen these exact deals, these exact testimonials, and close to exactly the same layout on several of these scam pharmacies, and it makes me wonder: are they copying each other or is there some shadowy agency that runs them all from behind closed doors? And if they’re just copying each other, don’t they realize how terrible these sites actually are?

I guess that question answers itself.

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