IbenefitRX.com Review – Online Pharmacy with Excellent Reputation in Canada

IbenefitRX.com Design
IbenefitRX.com Design

I am interested in finding an online pharmacy that will offer me cheap and FDA approved medications. My sight has caught IbenefitRx.com online pharmacy, so I want to review it.

As mentioned on its website it is a leading international prescription drug services provider that offers lower price medications and drugs. It required a prescription before dispensing of medications and was established in 2008 as an online pharmacy service. It is located in multiple countries including Canada, and I like its location versatility. It has a diverse stock of generic and branded medications that ranges from antibiotics to ED medications.

IbenefitRx is a registered online pharmacy that is providing all FDA approved products on prescription and it is following all rules and regulations of FDA for dispensing, storage and distribution of products. I have checked the prices of various products and they are expensive here. As I have checked the price of Viagra 100 mg tablet, it ranges from $ 18.5 to $ 21.5 per tablet. While the price of Cialis 20 mg tablet is $ 176.26 for 8 tablets pack that is also $ 20 per tablet. I don’t think IbenefitRx has reasonable prices.

I like that IbenefitRx has provided the details about its shipment methods, shipping cost, and duration. In Canada, it is delivering order through regular shipment in 2-5 days and costs $ 7 per order while the shipment is free of an order of above $ 60. In Canada for rush shipment, it delivers orders in 1 to 2 days and charges $ 17.50 per order. For USA delivery it takes 5 to 10 days for refill orders and 10 to 15 days for new orders that cost $ 17.50 per order. For regular international shipment 2-3 weeks are required with $ 40 charges per order, however, for rush shipment 1-2 weeks are required and charges vary from country to country.

It is taking payment through multiple channels including VISA, Master Card, American Express, E-checks and international Money Order.

For analysis of customer service efficiency I have sent an email to IbenefitRx, but I have not received a reply yet. I think it is slow in getting back to customers inquiries. I have dialed its toll-free and was assisted momentarily. I learned that IbenefitRx is just providing a delivery guarantee, no refund is possible.

IbenefitRX Reviews:

Customer reviews for vendor analysis are very helpful as they provide real customer experience with the service. I think the purchasing of a pharmaceutical product is very sensitive, therefore it needs an extra care. If I chose any pharmacy in a hurry, it might lead to a wastage of both my money and health. Therefore, I will make a well-informed decision based on facts and proven results.

I like its good reputation, as I found positive reviews about IbenefitRx on an independent website, not on its official website.

Lui had posted a review on 1-1-2012: he had no prescription with him that is why he was not able to order the product and he was not even charged for it. He said “My doc was away on vacation and they wouldn’t ship me my drugs without a prescription. The only good thing I can say about them is they didn’t even charge my credit card until you submit the script they don’t charge you anything”

Steven had also posted a review on 17-11-2011 as he was very happy with its services and prices. He purchased Plavix; the drug was original and with efficient delivery. He said “I started buying Plavix from them a few months ago. I was a bit weary so I only bought a one month supply. Refills are as easy as a phone call. I saved over 30% vs. what I pay in the store here, and it came in a factory sealed container. No evidence it was not the real thing. Definitely, will continue with them”.

IbenefitRX Reviews
IbenefitRX Reviews

It is really good to have a positive response from customers, as most of the sellers just post fake reviews themselves on their official websites. It proves the excellent reputation of IbenefitRx.

IbenefitRX.com Reviews 2016:

I have found a good number of customer reviews in previous years, but unfortunately, I have not found any review for 2016. Recent reviews are very important regarding recent assessment. To get a little more information about IbenefitRx, I used a reliable analyzer – scam adviser.

The result is surprising to me because this website has been threat listed, and its location is also not confirmed. It is about 50 % safe, which is not bad for an online pharmacy. Most likely it is from Canada or US based. It has very few visitors with unknown popularity.

Ibenefit Rx Threat Analysis
Ibenefit Rx Threat Analysis

Ibenefit Rx Coupon Codes:

Coupon codes are a good saving opportunity. Unfortunately, IbenefitRX.com is not offering any sale, promotion, coupon codes and other discount offers.

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