is Not Working Anymore: What the Customers Should Do? has been closed down after receiving a warrant from the United States Court. ICE Homeland Security Investigations has promptly acted upon the court orders by putting down the website with a notice that has been involved in some criminal activities. The notice has further explained what the charges are and the possible penalties. It has been mentioned that is a scam website that has been selling fake medications to the user using the same name as that of the branded medications. Therefore, it has also been charged guilty of violating the copyright act, hence, it has been immediately put down. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

According to some sources, the termination of is also as a consequence of the secret campaign started by the well-known pharmaceutical businesses in order to eradicate the existence of generic medicines once and for all. Because the existence of generic medicines is being highly appreciated and more customers are being interested in buying it instead of their regular, highly priced medication, these are a threat to branded medications. Therefore, extreme steps are being taken by the big pharmacies to stop their production as well as put a ban on all the stores that are supplying it to the customers. History was found to be a pharmacy that was mainly dealing in generic products related to the men’s as well as women’s health. It provided the customers an opportunity to buy the generic versions of some famous medications such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and female Viagra, all at incredibly low prices. Moreover, there were also some trial packs consisting of medicines related to erectile dysfunction for men. The company was considerate enough to provide the users a chance to contact them via live chat or contact numbers. Delivery service was standard while Visa Card was the only way of making a payment. Home Page Home Page

As far as the customer reviews are concerned, had a few of them on its official website. Though the testimonials presented by the customers were positive and depicted as a good store, its credibility remains a mystery since their existence was not found on other social platforms. Scamadvisor was suggestive of the fact that the company had a dual location, one of which was in fact, a risky country. It also mentioned how other reviewing websites considered it a scam website and said that it was an untrustworthy platform for buying drugs online. Moreover, the owner of this store was hiding his identity as well. Alternatives

Whatever the reasons for the closure of might be, it is a fact that one more drugstore dealing in generic medications has been shut down. The customers who were associated with it sometime in their lives would have to search for another suitable pharmacy for buying medicines.

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